Monday, June 18, 2018

A Reason to Live By T. K. Chapin

Being awakened at three in the morning by his sister-in-law, Shawna Gillshock and her two-year-old daughter, Rose was not expected by Jonathan Dunken.  He had not seen her since his wife, Marie’s funeral four years ago.  She was asking for a place to stay because she had been beaten by her boyfriend.  Although Jonathan wanted to say no, he could hear his wife saying…let her stay. 

From the time she was young, Shawna’s life resembled a train wreck and she would often show up on Jonathan and Marie’s doorstep needing a place to stay.  Jonathan was not always inclined to be so willing, but Marie often reminded him to imitate Christ and to remember God’s love is unconditional. 

What Jonathan didn’t expect was to wake up the next morning and find that Shawna was gone, but had left Rose.  He had no idea what he was supposed to do with a two-year-old, but he knew he would do everything in his power to give her a good life and keep her safe.

Jonathan met Kylie Hawthorne, who was a waitress at Evans.  Her interaction with Rose caused him to ask her to quit her job and become Rose’s babysitter.  Kylie was more than willing because she would be closer to her sick grandmother and her son, plus the pay was better and most of all…she loved children.  Her friend thought she was crazy, but she felt it was part of God’s plan.

As Jonathan struggled to come to grips with his wife’s death and raising Rose, Kylie helped him to learn to give his struggles over to God. 

T.K. Chapin brings us another book filled with God’s love. As you read the story of Jonathan, Marie, Rose and Kylie, be sure to have the tissues close because you will need them as you become so involved in their lives. You will feel the depth of their pain, sadness and joy.  God is always in control no matter what the situation is.  His love is boundless.

Disclaimer:  I received this ARC eBook from the author, T.K. Chapin for free to read and review.     I was not required to give a favorable review only an honest review, nor was I compensated for my review.  All thoughts and comments in this review are my own.  I also purchased my own copy.  

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