Saturday, April 7, 2012

Crafting Forum

I have been a part of this crafting forum Crafty Card Scrappers  for several years now...even before I became a blogger.  This is a safe environment in which you can share the latest crafting ideas and display your creations.  You will find wonderfully talented crafters in areas such as, cardmaking, card stitching, scrapbooking etc just to mention a few.  In order to be a member you will have to sign up. Once you are approved by the administration you will be able to access the full forum. If you have any questions there is someone who is always willing to answer and give you a helping hand.  Why not stop by and check them out today.  Sign up today and start enjoying the fun...    Crafty Card Scrappers.

KJV Brides Bible

KJV Brides Bible By: Thomas Nelson When I decided to review the KJV Brides Bible, from its picture, I thought it was beautiful,...