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Come Share Thanksgiving With Our Family
It's hard to believe that another year has passed and we are already celebrating Thanksgiving again.  Our Family has much to be thankful for this year.  No matter what comes our way, it seems that God always is there to help us through the trials.  He sends family and friends throughout the year to help lighten our load.  As you can see from these "family" photos we have a lot of fun when we get together. 
First up we celebrated Thanksgving at Ryans Restaurant in Sandusky.  I am sorry to say.....NO ONE went away hungry.    I also want you all to know that I asked for serious pictures and this is what I got!  Gotta love um cause you sure can't choose family, however I wouldn't trade them for the world.  Just wish the rest of my siblings & families could have been here!

I am so glad I wore stretch jeans. 

Victoria is almost as tall as her great grandma

 Don't stop now!  More fun to come

Celebrating Miss Victoria's 8th BD...

The Waitresses singing Happy Birthday to Miss Victoria

Great Grandpa teasing her with her gift!

She's been begging for the "Elf On The Shelf " for a couple years now!

The Best Is Yet To COME...

Dad and mom are celebrating their 65th Wedding Anniversary this coming week!

Waitresses singing Happy Anniversary to Dad & Mom

Still so much in love

 This concludes our celebration!  I hope you enjoyed your time sharing today with us.

I can't wait to see the Christmas Photos!  Be back next Month

Trimming the tree at our house is so easy... I use the guise of "creating memories" in order to get my family to decorate my tree.  It has worked for the past few years.  I wondering how much longer I can milk that line?  It is easy.  I set up the tree, put on the lights and offer my family free lunch.  In return...they decorate my tree while I take pictures of the memories they are creating.  How smart is that?  Actually we do have a lot of fun as you will see from our pictures.  There is a lot of family love and laughter here.  Wish my whole family was close enough to share in the festivities.  Yes, and I am even teaching my granddaughter to do things that I don't approve sticking out your tongue..however it is all done in fun and she knows not to do that to someone else.  Hope your enjoy our tree trimming.  So grab a cup of coffee, pull us a chair and join in our festivities.  How they decorate my tree is how it stays.  I don't change one thing about it.  It may not be my style, but is is my family and their fun.....
wouldn't change those memeories for all the perfect trees in the world.

Our Diva

Notice the bare feet in December???

Unconditional Love from Great Grandpa

Topping The Tree Is a Family Affair

The Angel Is Almost In Place

She has to learn those are for the tree and yes maybe a girl 
can have too much bling???? 
The finished product

 I think in these next photos everyone is smiling because it is done!

 Like Daddy
 Like Daughter

THE END of 2011 Tree Trimming

These pictures were taken today Dec 19 at church of Miss V's Christmas Program.
I have distored the faces of the other children to protect their identities.

Miss V playing in the snow on her first "snow day" of the year.  I think they were expecting more snow as it was predicted we would get 17 inches.  That thankfully didn't happen.

Because of the dog, they only put up half of the tree.  The dog would knock it over with her tail if they put all the branches on.

December 18, 2010  Miss V received her bowling patches and trophy

Dec 18, 2010
Christmas Party hosted by Heinens

Dec 19, 2010
Miss V came home with us after church.  We didn't have any play clothing so I put my shirt on her and stapled it in the back so it wouldn't fall off her shoulders.  We didn't want to get her pretty Christmas Dress messed since she wants to wear it to school for her school play

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