Thursday, February 15, 2018

Journey of Grace By T.K. Chapin

Journey of Grace
By: T.K. Chapin

Returning to Newport, Washington was going to be difficult for Grace Anderson, because she thought when she left all those years ago, she was gone for good. However, she knew it would be easier to return home than continue to live with an abusive husband because she would be surrounded by family that would love and support her.  She was determined she wasn’t going to love again…until…she met high school history teacher, Owen McBride. 

After his wife died, Owen devoted his life to serving God and being a good teacher.  He never thought he could find love again…until he met Grace Anderson.

“Journey of Grace” is the first in a new series called Journey of Love. This series is a spin-off from the Diamond Lake series.  If you have read that series you will delightfully be reacquainted with those characters we have learned to love, such as Charlie and Serena. If you haven’t read the series I highly recommend it. 

As Grace begins her journey; her past keeps getting in the way of her happiness.  She can’t seem to let go of all the things that is stealing her joy.  In going home she learns that her life is not the only one filled with struggles…each member of her family is struggling in some way.  Not only is her life  touched by God’s grace and love, but also the lives her family  as they deal with their issues and learn to fully trust God to guide them.  Because of not being able to let go of her past, will  Grace ever be able to be able to trust God enough to follow His plan for her life?  Will she and Owen have a future together?

I always enjoy reading books by Mr. Chapin.  They are so inspirational and leave your heart filled with joy.  Grace and Owen’s journey will certainly keep you turning the pages.  Another heart-warming must-read!

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