Thursday, May 11, 2017

Book Review-Threads of Suspicion By Dee Henderson

Threads of Suspicion
An Evie Blackwell Cold Case
By Dee Henderson
Publisher:  Bethany House

Disclaimer:  I received this Book from the publisher, Bethany House, for free to read and review through their blogger review program. I was not required to give a favorable review only an honest review, nor was I compensated for my review.  All thoughts and comments in this review are my own.

Evie Blackwell is a top notch investigator for the Illinois State Police.  She has recently been appointed to the governor’s Missing Person Task Force, which is an elite group that will investigate cold cases. 

Evie and her new partner David Marshal are assigned cases in suburban Chicago. Evie is looking for missing Brighton College student, Jenna Greenhill and David is looking for missing private investigator, Saul Morris.  At first glance these cases seem to be totally unrelated, but then clues start crossing each other’s case.  David and Evie feel that everyone deserves justice no matter how old the case, but with the twists and turns in this book, there are personal questions that are unanswered for both of them, making them want justice more than ever. 

For me the book had a slow start, but being a fan of Dee Henderson, I felt there was a reason and stuck with the first few chapters.  As the book progressed I was hooked on the career of Evie Blackwell.  As Henderson weaves a story of murder, mystery and romance, she portrays Evie a strong confident person in her career, however her personal life is a mess.  She is sure she loves her boyfriend, Rob Turney, who has asked her to marry him, but she cannot get past his wealth and his parents seemingly disapproval of her career choice.  She simply doesn’t feel like she can ever fit into their world.   Will God be able to give her peace and show her his will in her life regarding Rob? 

In this book along with mystery and suspense there is also inspiration as David’s girlfriend, Maggie struggles with accepting that Jesus is real and that he did raise from the dead, however it is in no way “preachy”.  I truly loved the inspirational part of this book.   Maggie raised questions that a lot of people ask and Henderson’s answers were true and easy to understand.  

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