Monday, May 8, 2017

Book Review-Texas Fire By Gerry Bartlett

Texas Fire
By: Gerry Bartlett
Publisher: Kensington Books

Disclaimer:  I received this Book from the publisher, Kensington Books, for free to read and review through the blogger review program at Netgalley. I was not required to give a favorable review only an honest review, nor was I compensated for my review.  All thoughts and comments in this review are my own.

Megan Calhoun is the daughter of an oil billionaire and doesn’t give a hoot about anything.  She doesn’t stick with anything very long, simply because she doesn’t have to…that is… until her father dies and in his will states she must learn the oil business in the field of his West Texas oil business for one year, otherwise she will not inherit one cent and she is not prepared to earn money on her own. 

Rowdy Baker, is not only a Calhoun engineer and ex-football star, but also a top notch stud!  The problem is…Megan has to live with him in a trailer, on the road, for one year!  How is she going to protect her heart and learn the family business at the same time? 

Rowdy isn’t happy with the situation either because he knows the riggers, foremen and stock holders are not going to be happy having a Calhoun who knows nothing about anything sticking her nose in their business.   The company is also fighting for its survival, so he knows there is going to be trouble with a capital “T”. 

Once trouble starts Megan quickly learns she must depend on Rowdy’s expertise to help her fix her company and find out who is trying to kill them and why?

This book will capture your attention from the first page and the twists and turns will keep you turning pages.  The characters in this book will have you laughing one minute and holding your breath the next.  If you are in the mood for romance, murder, mystery and a family full of strangers…you won’t want to miss this one.  

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