Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Book Review-Because of You by TK Chapin

Because of You
By: TK Chapin

Samantha Olsen had the perfect life, except when her husband, Dakota was being deployed to Afghanistan.  When those phone calls came, her life went into a tailspin and though she tried, she often could not hide her sadness and grief from Dakota.  When he was deployed this time she was really depressed because she was pregnant with their first son, who would be born before he came home and their daughter Kimmy didn’t even know her dad the last time he came home.  She just wasn’t sure how much more of this life she could handle, yet she knew he joined the army because he wanted to give his family a good life and she couldn’t fault him for that. 

This time while Dakota was on a KLE (Key Leader Engagement) in Afghanistan things went very wrong and Samantha received the news her husband was missing in action.  For the next couple years Samantha didn’t know if her husband was dead or alive, but finally the army sent paperwork stating he had been declared dead…yet she still didn’t have positive proof.  It was time to let God lead her in a new direction. 

Mason…came into Samantha’s life but, she just couldn’t have a relationship with him because he was…ARMY!  She just wasn’t sure she could live that life again…and with Mason came some surprises she wasn’t ready to accept.

This book will grab your heartstrings from the first page.  It will make you laugh and it will make you cry, so be sure to have the tissues handy.  The characters in this book are so well developed you immediately feel as if you are part of them, causing you to be drawn into the drama of their lives.  Although Samantha had great support from her family and friends, the center of her support was her faith in God and in knowing her husband, Dakota also had the same faith.  She knew in both of their lives they didn’t just know about God, but they knew him personally as they had accepted him as their savior.  This book is no way “preachy”.  The references to God and Salvation…just seem to fit!  Many times Mr. Chapin shows where she could have just given up and walked away from God, but instead showed us what can happen if we are willing to trust in him.  This book has many twists and turns that you won’t see coming!  This is definitely a book that will stay in your heart long after you have finished the last page.  This book has it all.  It is filled with love, learning to forgive, trust, faith and even romance. 

Thanks Mr. Chapin for another GREAT book!  

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Book Review-The Memory of You By Catherine West

The Memory of You
By: Catherine West
Publisher:  Thomas Nelson-Women's Fiction

Disclaimer:  I received this Book from the publisher, Thomas Nelson, for free to read and review through the blogger review program at Net Galley. I was not required to give a favorable review only an honest review, nor was I compensated for my review.  All thoughts and comments in this review are my own.

After learning that her grandfather had a heart attack, Natalie Mitchell she is forced to return to the family-owned winery, Maoilios in Sonoma.   She vowed thirteen years ago when her twin sister died she would never return, but the winery was failing and her father wanted her to close it. Being a major stockholder she had the power to do so.  Little did she realize she would also be reunited with Tanner Collins her childhood friend.  Tanner is the vintner for Maoilios and fears if Natalie shuts down the winery he will lose his job.  In order to save his job, he must help Natalie find a way to turn the winery around and to save the winery they must heal Natalie’s past. 

From the first page this book will tug at your heart-strings.  Natalie’s captured my heart.  Her character was so well developed you could actually feel her despair as her family manipulated her into doing their bidding, her grief as she mourned her sister’s death and the guilt of the secret she had kept all these years.    With the help of her grandfather, uncle and Tanner Natalie found healing.  This book is filled with love, forgiveness, second chances and even a little romance.

In my opinion this book is a great afternoon read.  

Friday, April 21, 2017

Book Review - Behind the Scenes By Jen Turano

Behind the Scenes
By:  Jen Turano
Publisher:  Bethany House

Disclaimer:  I received this Book from the publisher, Bethany House, for free to read and review through the blogger review program at Netgalley. I was not required to give a favorable review only an honest review, nor was I compensated for my review.  All thoughts and comments in this review are my own.

Even though Permilia Griswold had been introduced into high society in New York, she was destined to be a wall flower.  However she didn’t let that deter her from writing an anonymous gossip column under the name of Miss Quill.  While at Mr. and Mrs. William K. Vanderbilt’s ball Permilia overheard a conversation threatening Asher Rutherford, a gentleman despite the fact he was the owner of a department store.  Permilia decides it is her place to find and warn Mr. Rutherford about the threat.  He refuses to believe her and dismisses her warning.  Permilia realizes he is not taking it seriously and decides to take matters into her own hands and protect him again his would-be assassins.

In this delightful story, Permilia and Asher are forced to work together.  Their journey is filled with twists and turns and Permilia’s perception of “high society” will keep you laughing.    Although she is considered a wall flower, she certainly isn’t afraid to go after what she wants.  Poor Asher doesn’t have a clue how to deal with her, but finds himself falling for this very unconventional young woman.

This is a great entertaining book.  Once you start it, you won’t want to put it down until you’ve finished the last page.  Once again Jen Turano gives us another great book!  

Book Review - Thomas Nelson KJV Thinline Bible

Thomas Nelson
King James Version
Compact Thinline Bible

Disclaimer:  I received this Book from the publisher, Thomas Nelson, for free to read and review through the blogger review program at BookLook Bloggers. I was not required to give a favorable review only an honest review, nor was I compensated for my review.  All thoughts and comments in this review are my own.

The Bible I will be reviewing today is gorgeous!  It is very soft Burgundy/Brown Leathersoft.  It really looks and feels luxurious.  It is compact, which means it is small enough to fit into a backpack or purse.  I thought at first the print size would be too small for my senior eyes, but was pleasantly surprised.  The font, although small to accommodate the size of the Bible,  is very crisp and clear.  In this particular Bible they used the Thomas Nelson KJV font. 

The words of Christ are in red.  It has several full-color maps in the back and a presentation page in the front, making it easy to give as a gift. At the time of my review, graduation is not very far away and this Bible would be a great gift to give, especially to the collage-bound student.

It has beautifully gold gilded page edges and a double ribbon marker.  The inside of the Bible has a contents page with all the books of the Old and New Testament listed along with their page numbers, making it easy even for the novice Bible reader to find the correct book and page.  Each chapter is divided into subtopics.  In the back of the Bible is a one year reading plan and 30 days with Jesus! It comes in a protective box sleeve.

I am very impressed with this Bible due to its compact size along with its quality.  It is a very convenient size to easily take with you.  Although there are several Bible Apps available, there is something comforting about holding the Word of God in your hands.

The only downside  is:  there are no references so if you are into Bible studying you would need to find an appropriate Study Bible…which you can find at Thomas Nelson. 

In my opinion you can’t beat the quality of a Thomas Nelson Bible!

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