Saturday, June 13, 2015

Book Review-Your Sacred Yes by Susie Larson

Your Sacred Yes
By:  Susie Larson
Publisher:  Bethany House

Are you worn out from life’s ought-to’s and should do’s?

From the back of the book:

It’s so easy to give away our time to things un-appointed by God.  We commit to something because it’s a good cause or there’s a great need.  Or maybe because no one else will help out.  The result?  The days blur together and we find ourselves overworked and underjoyed, desperate for a faith awakening.

In this practical and liberating book, Susie shares biblical ways to:

·         Learn how—and when—to say no without guilt or shame
·         Find a pace and perspective that matches God’s best for you
·         Discern man-made obligations from God-given invitations

My Review:

I am not sure what I expected from this book when I chose to read it.  I think the selling line for me was “how to learn to say no without guilt or shame”. As I read the book I was impressed with the ways MS Larson teaches us to look for God’s invitation rather than our un-appointed choices.  I truly understand from the standpoint of this book how we let our lives become out of control with the need to “improve” and move up the ladder in our jobs, and attain material things, which can cause home stresses and often times God is left completely out of the picture.  For those types of issues this book has a firm basis for finding your way back to where God is first in your life.  Some of the things that touched my heart in this book was learning to ask myself if I was holding grudges and judgements and if I have stopped being thankful for what I have.  Not only does Ms. Larson speak to us from a spiritual point of view, but brings it all together by adding in the physical factors our body needs to function.  Sometimes just stretching or drinking a glass of water will be able to clear our mind and give a little better perspective on the issue at hand.  Also some degree of consistency in our lives will help us to find balance.

Although the book is an excellent tool, I wish it would have touched more on situations regarding others obligating you, especially when it involves your parents and family.  It was my hope this book would also deal with issues about honoring your parents and being able to say no without guilt. I found it was easier for me to change my life to fulfill their desires rather than deal with the guilt of saying no, which has definitely caused my life to be more draining than filled with joy. With the help of this book, I plan to take one step at a time to again become the person I used to be even if it is one more hour of sleep or just taking time for a walk so I can reconnect with God on some level. 

I highly recommend this book especially if you find yourself in need of reclaiming your joy and a more God-centered approach to life.  This would be an excellent book for Bible Study groups. 

Disclosure: I was given a copy of this Book by the publisher, Bethany House blogger program for review. I was not required to write a favorable review nor was I compensated for my review. The opinions in this review are my own.

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