Thursday, May 14, 2015

Book Review-To Win Her Favor By Tamera Alexander

To Win Her Favor
(A Belle Meade Plantation Novel)
By:  Tamera Alexander
Publisher:  Zondervan

It doesn’t matter if you are a gifted horsewoman such as Maggie (Margaret) Linden.  In post-Civil War 1869, it just wasn’t acceptable.  Maggie loved horses almost more than life and when she was riding she felt she was soaring.  Her home, Linden Downs has fallen on hard times and she and her father are in danger of losing the only home she has ever known.  Her father’s health is failing and since he lost his sons to the war he has no one to help with the upkeep.  Maggie feels the responsibility of saving their home is up to her and she knows if given a chance she and her horse Belle could win the inaugural Peyton Stakes.

Mr. Linden’s health may be failing but he still has his hand in the thick of things.  He has a good mind and is an exceptional judge of character.  His “chance” meeting of Cullen McGrath, an Irishman, inspires Mr. Linden to give Cullen a chance to start over, while saving Linden Downs and seeing Maggie is cared for…all he has to do is agree to marry Maggie…a marriage of convenience.  However Cullen left England under a cloud that involves horse-racing and is not sure he wants to risk being caught even if he is in the U.S.A.

I am not sure what captured my heart first.  It could have been because I love post-Civil War, being familiar with Nashville TN, horse-racing or the willingness of the characters to listen to that small still voice and do what is right.  No matter the reason I was hooked from the first page.  I spent the entire afternoon being highly entertained by Maggie’s antics and yet saddened by the tragedies of life after slavery and the unwillingness of people to accept foreigners.  It is hard for me to understand how America can be the great melting-pot, yet hold so many prejudices against those who come here in hopes of a better life.

The characters are so well developed and the story line so believable it is easy to become part of the book.  As you turn the pages you will experience victory over the injustices as they unfold.

MS. Alexander is one of my favorite authors.  Throughout this book she subtly inserts the love of God in each of her main characters without being “preachy”.  This is a book you won’t want to miss.  It will not only appeal to the Christian reader to the secular reader as well.

Disclosure: I was given a copy of this Book by the publisher, Zondervan, through Book Look Bloggers , blogger program for review. I was not required to write a favorable review nor was I compensated for my review. The opinions in this review are my own.

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