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Book Review-The Love Letters by Beverly Lewis

The Love Letters
By: Beverly Lewis
Publisher:  Bethany House

Beverly Lewis writes another sweet Amish story.

The Bible says sometimes we entertain angels unaware.  In “The Love Letters” that is exactly what happens as Marlena Wenger tries to deal with the loss of her sister, caring for her infant niece and struggling to find her place in God’s plan.  In one moment in time, her life is forever changed. 

Small Jay Bitner,  son of Ellie and Roman Bitner, is an underdeveloped fourteen year old, who struggles with trying to get his father to accept him the way he is, and let me work side by side with him the way Amish sons are supposed to.

Boston Calvert, a vagrant, suddenly appears at the old mill with his dog Allegro.  He has no memory of how he got there or where he came from.  He only had a pack of love letters in his back pack. 

All because Sassy, Small Jay’s cat and Allegro met, healing began to happen in the lives of Small Jay, Boston, Marlena and Ellie and Roman. 

All I can say is have the tissues ready because you will need them as this book will pull at your heart-strings more than once.  I found myself moved to tears as Marlena struggled with the loss of her sister and the uncertainty of her sister’s salvation.  Her sister had left the Amish Order and there had been little contact with her since she left.  I found myself again in tears as she struggled with wanting to know God personally which was against the Old Order Amish. However she knew if she was going to marry her intended, Nat Zimmerman she had to stay in the Old Order faith. 

The next tears came as Small Jay struggled for acceptance from his father.  He felt the only one in the world who understood him was his cat Sassy and he told her everything.  Through his friendship with Boston, against his father’s wishes, he began to feel that he was more than just a small handicapped boy because Boston talked to him as a person and encouraged him to follow his heart.  Under Boston’s encouragement he began to grow as a responsible young man.

More tears arrived as I read Boston’s part in the story.  A man, who was obviously not Amish, yet accepted their simple way of life without question.  Even though Boston had little memory, his dog, Allegro, a package of love letter, a harmonica and his love for music, he was able to convey love and acceptance to all of those who met him.

Again the tears came when the healing process in the lives of those around Boston began to take place.  This is an exciting story that will keep you turning the pages and holding your breath while praying for a miraculous outcome.  Although there were many tears of sorrow, there were also tears of joy and lots of laughter, especially with the antics of Slasher.  As I read the finishing pages, I was reminded of the scripture in Psalms 30:5 …weeping may endure for the night, but joy cometh in the morning.  If you are a fan of Beverly Lewis you won’t want to miss this book.  It is the best I have read to date, her insight of the Amish people is superior to any other author’s work I have read concerning the Amish.  She has a distinct way of bringing a story together without being “preachy” and she often, as in the book, brings triumph through tragedy.   Although her books are Amish, the events can easily be applied to any person’s life and she reveals that the Amish in many ways have the same issues as the English.

Disclosure: I was given a copy of this Book by the publisher, Bethany House, through Bethany House blogger program for review. I was not required to write a favorable review nor was I compensated for my review. The opinions in this review are my own.

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