Thursday, April 2, 2015

Book Review-Detained by Don Brown

By:  Don Brown
Publisher:  Zondervan Fiction
Release date:  April 21, 1015

Hasan Makari and his son Najib, Lebanese Nationals, were taught by American missionaries and their dream was to experience the freedom of America.

Eleven years later, Najib came to America and became a citizen and joined the Navy.  There were simultaneous terrorist attacks on several shopping centers throughout the U.S. and a mishap on the ship where Najib was stationed, at the same time his father was due to arrive in the U.S.  Upon his arrival Hasan was immediately detained and when Najib’s ship, the USS Abraham Lincoln, put into port he too, was arrested.  Both men were transported to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba – accused of crimes they did not commit.  Matt Davis, a Navy JAG officer has been assigned to defend them.  Matt knows they have been set up and it goes to the very top brass.  Emily Gardner, currently a top-ranking TSA lawyer, but soon to be nominated General Counsel for Homeland Security, uncovers a scheme to undermine the power of the president and it will put the American people at risk.  Matt’s only hope of saving the Makaris’ and the American people, is for Emily to remain alive long enough to expose the truth. 

I love political intrigue and Don Brown is one of the best.  I was first introduced to his work in “Fire of the Raging Dragon” and have since been a big fan.  Although his books are fiction, he develops the plots and characters closely enough to current events that it leaves you questioning if these could possibly be true.  In “Detained” it dives into behind-the-scenes of TSA, Homeland Security and Gitmo.  The twists and turns of this plot will keep you turning the pages and asking a thousand “what-if” questions.  You will begin to wonder if our government or any government could actually pull off such events in the name of national security.  Mr. Brown skillfully introduces the reader to the interrogation practices of Gitmo, without being graphic, yet encouraging your mind to finish what he didn’t say.  I highly recommend this book, especially if you like political intrigue and fast-paced suspense.  Mr. Brown also has a subtle way of developing an intriguing plot and lacing it with prayer and faith instead of graphic language.  This book will not only appeal to the Christian reader but to the Secular reader as well.

Disclosure: I was given a copy of this eBook by the publisher, Zondervan, through NetGalley blogger program for review. I was not required to write a favorable review nor was I compensated for my review. The opinions in this review are my own.

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Don Brown said...

Thank you Sally for the thoughtful review, which is the very first written for DETAINED, which is the first novel in our new Navy JAG Series!

Thanks also for taking the time to read.I'm grateful for all my readers. Hope you and your family have a blessed Easter!

God bless,

Don Brown

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