Thursday, February 26, 2015

Book Review-Mortal Threat By A.J. Tata

Mortal Threat
By:  A. J. Tata
Publisher:  Washburn Books

Even though this book is listed as fiction, is it really?  This novel so closely parallels current events regarding ISIS, Ebola and HIV it is almost scary.  Amanda Garrett is a Columbia University medical student who has been recruited by her CIA operative Uncle Matt Garrett to work on Project Nightingale, a program to help find a cure for HIV and Ebola.  She has worked for the past five summers and winter breaks at an orphanage in Mwanza, Tanzania, where all the children are ill.  Just as Amanda thinks they have found a cure using a black paste, Mahale, said to be from the Tree of Life found in the Garden of Eden, ISIS tries to abduct her and steal the recipe while using the US Government as a pawn. 

This book kept me turning the pages as the deeply woven plot took me from ancient Nineveh Province, Iraq to modern-day.  The plot is woven with sub-plots intertwined in the Gospels so deeply it left me knowing beyond a doubt (not that I had any doubts) that God’s existence is undeniably real.  As ISIS attempts to kidnap Amanda and steal the recipe for the cure, God’s power is manifested time and again.  Will Amanda ever be free of ISIS?  Will the U.S. Government realize they are being used as a pawn before it’s too late?  Did they actually find the Tree of Life and a cure?  Is there another book of the Bible that pre-dates Genesis, called the Catalyst?  All those questions will be answered as you turn the pages of this breath-holding, nail-biting book.  In my opinion it is one of the best suspense novels ever.  This will definitely remain in my library and will be one I will re-read.  If you love high suspense, this is a must-read!

Disclosure: I was given a copy of this eBook by the publisher, Washburn Books, through NetGalley blogger program for review. I was not required to write a favorable review nor was I compensated for my review. The opinions in this review are my own.

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