Sunday, November 23, 2014

Book Reveiw-The Case For Christmas By Lee Strobel

The Case for Christmas
A Journalist Investigates the Identity of the Child in the Manger
By:  Lee Strobel
Publisher:  Zondervan

From the Book:
Who was in the manger that first Christmas morning? Some say he would become a great moral leader, others, a social critic. Still others view Jesus as a profound philosopher, a rabbi, a feminist, a prophet, and more. Many are convinced he was the divine Son of God.
Who was he—really? And how can you know for sure?
Consulting experts on the Bible, archaeology, and messianic prophecy, award-winning legal journalist Lee Strobel searches out the true identity of the child in the manger. If Jesus really was God in the flesh, then there ought to be credible evidence?
In my opinion:  
Mr. Strobel is one of the best investigative journalists I have read.  He really digs down to the core in his investigations leaving nothing unturned.  This book is no exception.  He takes apart and investigates the identity of Jesus from every angle.  He looks for eyewitness evidence through biographies of Jesus, scientific evidence through archaeology, profile evidence and fingerprint evidence.  He consults with experts regarding the evidence from a Biblical standpoint.  After two years of investigating the identity of Christ to what conclusion does Mr. Strobel come?  Does he believe that Jesus was the babe in the manger that day?   Not to give away too much, you will have to read this book to find out Mr. Strobel’s conclusion.  I can promise you won’t be disappointed.  Mr. Strobel presents some very compelling facts and has left it to you to make your own decision based upon the evidence. 
At the conclusion of the book he does talk about how commercialized this Holy day has become.  I too feel many of us are too busy and we neglect the true meaning of Christmas.  I pray daily that we will return to putting Christ back in Christmas and daily return Him to our lives throughout the year. 
Disclosure: I was given a copy of this book by the publisher, Zondervan, through Z Blog Squad for an honest review.   I was not required to write a favorable review nor was I compensated for my review. The opinions in this review are my own.

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