Sunday, September 7, 2014

Book Review-Rapture's Rain by Chris Pennington

Rapture’s Rain
By:  Chris Pennington
Publisher:  Chris Pennington

A weird sensation, chills down the spine, weak knees, loss of balance, inability to think, blinded by bright flashes of light and numbness from head to toe, all happening within the twelve chimes of the clock.  In that short amount of time life as Jason Stover (a high-school teacher with a degree in Physics) once knew no longer existed.  His wife Kristina and daughter Nikki had completely vanished along with others. 

I am blown away by such thought-provoking book such as “Rapture’s Rain”.  Although it is loosely based upon the book of Revelation in the Bible, it somewhat describes the events of the Rapture and Tribulation that follows.  I don’t think Mr. Pennington expects us to believe he is a Theologian, but wants us to entertain the thought that Revelation’s chapters will become a reality. 

I was a little surprised that it was written using the Roman Catholic Church as its basis, since most of my Roman Catholic friends do not believe in the Rapture, Millennial Reign or Tribulation.  Maybe he felt since they do not necessarily believe they would be the ones helping those left behind deal with the events that would follow, which is pure speculation on my part.

I was so captivated by this book, I read in one afternoon.  Long after I finished reading it, I still find myself mulling over the possibilities of how I would cope were I one who was left behind.  It has caused great soul-searching in my life and maybe that is what the author really wanted.

Although you may find the events a little scary, true believer or not it is a book well worth reading.  For those who do not believe the Bible, it has just enough Science Fiction overtones to make it interesting.

This is one book that will remain in my library and will be re-read and recommended often. 

I was given a copy of the book by the author, Chris Pennington, to review.  He did not require me to give a favorable review, only my honest opinion.  The opinions of this review are my own.  

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