Saturday, April 26, 2014

Book Review-A Beauty So Rare by Tamera Alexander

A Beauty So Rare
By: Tamera Alexander
Publisher: Bethany House
Eleanor Braddock, although from the South is no Southern beauty and she knows she will never marry.  During the war she helped take care of the wounded and came upon a young soldier who with his last breath asks her to find his widow, but how can she find her?  After the war her father can no longer practice law and they become impoverished.  Her father begins to suffer from dementia to the point where she has to sell the family home and put him in an asylum which nearly breaks her heart.   She goes to Belmont Mansion to live with her aunt, whom to her dismay, is determined to find her a husband.  Eleanor knows her heart and finds herself telling her aunt of her desire to open a café and cook for others.  Her aunt tells that someone of their station in life doesn’t cook for others.  Eleanor feels as if she will never achieve in life what she wants.  Through a simple kindness she finds herself helping to build a home for widows and fatherless children of the Civil War.
Archduke Gerhard Marcus Gottfried von Habsburg, aka Marcus Goeffery royalty from Austria came to Nashville, TN because of his love for nature and architecture.  He is keeping his royalty a secret.  When Marcus and Eleanor first meet they have a battle of wit that will soon develop into a friendship.  As their secrets come to light will their friendship remain intact or will it unravel?  The answers to these questions will be revealed as you turn the pages of this book.
“A Beauty So Rare” is one of those books what will stay with you long after it has been read and put on the shelf of your library.  MS. Alexander does a wonderful job of developing two characters that are so believable you feel like you are a part of them.   This beautifully written novel leads you down a pathway of finding out inner beauty rather than outward appearance is what is important in the grand scheme of things.  It is filled with love for humanity and doing what is right.  If you are a fan of Christian Fiction, I highly recommend this book.  It is one you won’t want to miss.
Disclosure: I was given a copy of this eBook by the publisher, Bethany House, through NetGalley blogger program for review. I was not required to write a favorable review nor was I compensated for my review. The opinions in this review are my own.

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