Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Book Reveiw-Strong Enough To Die by Jon Land

Filled With Suspensful Cork Screw Twists And Turns
Strong Enough To Die
by: Jon Land
Publisher:  Forge Books
The First In The Caitlin Strong Series
Caitlin Strong, a fifth generation Texas Ranger and her partner are pinned down by gunfire in what they assume is drug trafficking along the Texas-Mexico border.  Although Caitlin does her best to get her partner to safety he doesn’t survive.  As a result she leaves the Rangers to become a trauma crisis intervention counselor.  While she is at the center her first patient is her husband, Peter Goodwin whom she thought died nine months earlier in Iraq.  Corporate Moguls send their goons after her husband because of a program he is working on called Fire Arrow.  If this information gets into the wrong hands it would make the current government surveillance seem like child’s play.  Unfortunately her husband has been so severely tortured by his captors he is in a near vegetative state.  Just when she thinks they will be killed, Cort Wesley Masters, a criminal that she sent to prison five years earlier steps in and saves their lives and he doesn't know why because he intended to kill Caitlin for putting him in prison. 
Not wanting to give too much away about the plot of this novel, I have left a lot out that I would like to say, but I can tell you it has more twists and turns than a cork screw.  There are some subtle hints of things that are happening in today’s government, but not to the point it becomes political reading.   It had just enough action to keep me turning the pages and holding my breath, which in my opinion makes it a good novel.   I thought Mr. Land was trying to portray Cort’s character as a tough guy gang leader by the gang related dialogue/slang.   I get tired of books in which graphic language is every other word.  When that happens I find myself skim reading as it usually doesn’t lend much relevance to the plot. However Mr. Land has kept it to a minimum, which is refreshing and unusual in this type of novel.    Let me leave you with these thoughts…can a Texas Ranger learn to love a criminal and still remain a Ranger?  Can God justify and forgive killing in situations other than war?  I promise you this book will make thoughtful, interesting reading.  It is not a book that you can skim read.  It requires concentration and the end left me wanting more. 
Disclosure:  I was given this eBook by the Author, Jon Land.  He did not require me to write a review, much less a favorable one.  However I enjoyed the book and am happy to post my review.   The opinions in this review are my own.   

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