Thursday, March 7, 2013

Book Reveiw-The Planner by Alexandra Swann

The Planner by Alexandra Swann
This book is about a young woman, Kris and the decisions her family makes due to  Government options and the consequences of those decisions .    
Circa 2013, gas at $12.50 - $13.00 per gallon, The Retire America Act of 2013 established the Federal Municipal Planner Division  (FMPD) to create a new type of retirement community based on smart growth principles called Smart Seniors.  As the story unfolds it shows that seniors are sent invitations to become part of these “green” communities.  It is by invitation only.  It offers, free housing, free meals, free health care, no laundry, total enjoyment of your Senior years…but does it really and at what cost?  Is this plan too good to be true?  In addition to those questions, this book also poses other questions such as, is our Government truly running amok?  Are the promises made by our Government offering genocide to our Seniors?  Does it stop with Seniors? What is U.N. 21 Agenda 1992 and how does it affect us?  Is National Health Care truly health care for all?  Could gas be $25.00 per gallon by 2014? Those are just a few of the questions that came to mind while reading this book.    
This book is not a political agenda book or at least I didn't read it as such.  The storyline of this book is superbly written telling what the possible consequences could be for the current course our Government is taking.  I read this book in one setting and if I had read this book even ten years ago I would more than likely have chalked it up as Science Fiction or a political fairy tale. However with the situations we are facing today, I found it to be truly frightening, because there was so much truth in what was written.  I have heard and read very little about U.N. 21 Agenda 1992, so I took the time to go to the U.N. Website and read this agenda.  I was shocked when I found out what it means, and even more so when I found out, it has now celebrated its 20Th birthday, last year, known as Rio 20.  I have recently heard the phrase “sustainability” tossed about by our politicians but didn’t know what prompted this phrase until I read this book and the U. N. Website.  Once it was determined by the American people there wasn’t much validity to man-made climate change, it then took on the name of “sustainability”.  I was appalled to find out how the housing market foreclosure is part of U.N. 21 Agenda 1992.  I don’t want to give away too much of the storyline, but for all of those who are concerned about the course set for us by our Politicians and President, this is a book that you won’t want to miss because it clearly indicates what could happen if we continue on this path.  For me, the reading of this book required an open mind and prayerful heart.  This book was a real page-turner that I couldn’t put down and I can't wait to read the sequel, "The Chosen".  Kudos to Ms. Swann for a book well written about current events

Disclosure:  I found this ebook for free on Christian Ebooks Today, for review.  I was not compensated for my review.  The opinions of this reveiw are my own.

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