Friday, November 30, 2012

Book Review-Fire Of The Raging Dragon

Fire Of The Raging Dragon 
An engaging, riveting novel by Don Brown

The USA owes China trillions of dollars of debt to finance economic programs it could not afford.  If China decided to call in those loans in military favors rather than repayment in money or sell off those loans, what would happen to the America we know?

The storyline goes deep into defining what could happen if the situation became volatile in South China Sea, between Taiwan and the People’s Republic of China.   Brown shows what might happen if the US was drawn into this type of situation and what American’s role might be with so much  debt owed to the Chinese Government.

The People’s Republic of China attacked and took control of the island of Itu Aba, which belonged to Taiwan.  They wanted it because of its natural gas deposits.  The USA  was drawn into this situation because the Taiwan Government took control of a People’s Republic of China freighter, Shemnong, carrying weapons that were to be used for controlling the island Itu Aba against Taiwan.  Upon boarding the ship, not only did the Taiwanese find weapons , they also found something far more unsettling…they found gruesome crimes against humanity. They needed the American Government to document this crime so the US took control of the ship thus pushing the situation over the edge.  Were it not for a president who was levelheaded in his thinking and his ability to ask God for guidance, the outcome could have been far different.  

The storyline if full of plots and subplots with twists and turns that keeps you riveted. Not only does it have a political military plot but also a personal involvement with the president's daughter.  You can feel their anguish as if it were your own.   It is a story that leaves you doing some deep soul searching.

I found the first few chapters to be a little slow and had some difficulty jumping from one country/ship to the next, but I soon got the hang of it and couldn’t put the book down. At times I almost forgot to breathe.   I read it in one afternoon.   Mr. Brown does an excellent job of writing about the military without the use of profanity.  I found this to be a refreshing element.  If you like a riveting story with political plots and twists and turns this is a must-read book.

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