Thursday, December 29, 2011

No Cards Today

I trust you all had a lovely Christmas.  Ours was fabulous and when I am up to it I will be posting some pictures under my family page.  However Christmas Day I became very ill, by day after Christmas I was in the ER for 9 hours then admitted to the hospital.  Had to be transported from one hospital to the other...Ouch I hate to see that bill as our medical insurance doesn't pay for that luxury.  I'm a little miffed at the ER doctor as I told him hubby was perfectly capable of transporting me.  Neat little package the medical community has.  He informed me I couldn't be admitted to the hospital unless I was trasported by ambulance.  Hummmmm....I'm wondering about that.  Anyway too late now.  Now I just have to spend some time recovering as I feel like I have been run over by a truck or maybe two.  My mojo has completely left me.  I am in hopes it will return by the New Year.

Just wanted to stop in and Wish YOU ALL A
 Very Happy New Year!


Cindy said...

Oh, dear! Praying that it's not too serious (though of you were admitted, it must not be good)! Hugs, Cindy

Sarpreet said...

oh no, Happy new year, hope you feel better soon, (I just shared some news on my blog, would appreciate if you have the time to pop on by)

Patty Sue 2 said...

What a terrible way to start the new year! Hope you are soon feeling much better. You asked me about the colors I used on the hair of my blog entry "Valentine Girl" The darkest is E29, Medium E37 and the lighest E99.

I tend to play arend with hair colors, but I do like this one. hugs patty

kaz_za's crafty corner said...

hey Sally
you ok hun.... how you doing looks like christmas was good but new year not sooo good... stick a post up and let us know how your doing hun

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