Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Button "Needle"

All of you out there in the crafting world probably already knew this, but me...well maybe I'm a slow learner because I just figured it out.  I love buttons, but hate using them on my projects because I can never find a needle that will fit my button holes and the thread that I am using.....So today I had another eureka moment!  I had a roll of florist wire sitting on my desk...You got it.  I cut off a length, folded it in half to make my own "needle" that I could easily handle.  I made it long enough so that if I needed leverage to get the thread through the button hole, I could give it a good pull!  The smaller the button hole, the thinner wire you will need to use.

Below are pictures to hopefully clarify my written explanation.

you will need twine/thread, buttons, wire

 fold wire in half to create your "needle"
mash the "eye" together as much as you can so it will
go through the button hole

 Instead of threading the "eye" of your needle, just pull your twine/thread
down between the two pieces of wire.

 Pull through your button, staring on the top side of the button.  
That way you will have the two ends on the top to tie in a knot.
 Perfectly "sewn" buttons. 
Challenges: (Yep, there's a challenge for that)  LOL


Glennis said...

Great idea TFS

Rita said...

OMGosh...you are soooooo clever!!! I love this tip & will use it from now on, super easy, thanks Sally!

Elaine Stark said...

A fab idea. Thanks for sharing on Top Tip Tuesday. Elaine

Lisa M said...

This is probably the most brilliant thing I have seen today! WONDERFUL tip and I'm so much less likely to stab myself too. :)

Thank you so much for sharing this tip with us at Top Tip Tuesday.
Lisa xx

Caroljenks said...

What an amazing Top Tip! .......Yay - no more getting frustrated trying to thread buttons :)

Thank you so much for sharing it over at Top Tip Tuesday with us this week.

Carol x

Anonymous said...

What a great tip!! YAY!! I will be using this one! Thanks for adding your fabby Tip to Top Tip Tuesday this time, I hope you can come play again soon, hugs Samantha :0)

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