Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thank You Cards With A Manly Influence

Absolutely no time for crafting this summer.  Once everything is back together at my house, I am hoping to attack my crafting "want to" pile with a vengence.  I have so many pictures to scrapbook, which I hope to be sharing and lots and lots of ideas for cards.....Stay tuned. 

I can't believe that school will be starting for most of the kiddies in our area next week.  Our Miss V is excited about being a big first grader and showing off the empty spot where her two bottom teeth used to be.    LOL...Where or where did the summer go?  Does anyone else feel that time is just slipping away beside me?

Cards with a male influence are so hard for me to make that I find myself shying away from making them, however my son asked me to make some thank you cards for him and he didn't want girly so this is what I came up with.  I have not given them to him yet...what do you think?   Do you think they are manly enough? This plaid paper is so old and I have kept it for at least 5 years because it was the only piece I had.. It was one of those papers to save, however it is time to use it.  These certainly are Clean and Simple.

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