Wednesday, June 8, 2011

No Crafting Today---Pics Of Our Storm

Now I am not normally bothered by storms, however this one was one that kept me walking from window to window.  I don't know if it was because my hubby was out driving in this mess or just that I had never seen hail this large before that I can remember.  This took place at 9:30 AM and it looks like night time.  These photos have not been edited, they are..just how the sky looked.  We got  2 1/2 inches of rain in 45 mins, according to the rain gage in our backyard.  We had some damage to our patio porch roof so the adjuster from the insurance will be coming out to make an assessment within the week.  I am really tired of these storms.  We have had more hail storms that I ever remember.  It seems to be a weekly thing . The lawns can't seem to dry up from all the rain we have had.    We have been mowing the lawns in the mud , I call it swap mowing.  Yep.. I'm ready for a break!

Those white blobs are hail coming down fast and furious

 This stuff was huge...some the size of golf balls
 The street in front of our house. 
It  got much darker than this.  This was a 2 ft river running down Lake Hidden Tree (as we have come to call our street over the years, after a hard fast rain)
This was about 15 feet into my yard from the edge of the street.
 The corner.  (after the storm passed) It was rippling just like a running river. 


Vicky said...

OMW...that looks awful Sally! poor you hun...we need some of your rain over here at the mo...the SE England is having a drought on at the mo..!

hope the weather improves soon...hugs Vicky xx

Shirley said...

Wow! I heard you have been having lots of rain, etc. I want some of it here in NC. :-) TFS the pictures. Wow! Some hail. Stay safe.

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