Monday, May 9, 2011

Spending Time With Mothers...Grandmothers....& Great Grandmothers

I didn't realize it had been so long since I last posted.  Just not enough hours in the day.  As many of you know our son has been quite ill and has not worked since this past October.  His physicians are telling him he will never work again, but he and we are still holding onto our faith that there will be a cure, if not today, then tomorrow. 

I thought I would show you just a little bit of how we spent Mother's Day. 
Our day started out at church....
Eventhough my son was in so much pain he could barely walk, he took the time to spend it with me.  He will never know how much I love and appreciate his sacrifice to make my day so special.  This was a gift that money couldn't buy, but is priceless.  Below are a few pictures that I am sharing.  I hate having my picture taken as I am not photogenic at all...but for some reason it was important this year. 
Miss V & her Mother

Miss V & her daddy (I know it's Mother's Day)

My Son, Miss V & My Mother

 My son & Me

Our Four Generations

At the church where my son's family and my parents attend they have a wall to honor their church members who have passed away.  I forgot the wall was there when we were having our pictures taken.  Personally I hate the wall...I very sacriligiously call it the "dead people's wall".  Sorry about those photos being in the background.  If I knew how to use photo shop, I would remove them.. LOL
After church we all went out for lunch and then to my house for homemade pie and ice cream. 
As my Miss V would say....It was the bestest Day EVER!


kaz_za's crafty corner said...

hi Sally
its brilliant to see you.... great to put a face to the name... i love the 4 generation pic... funny how there is only one male there...
glad you have had a good day...

stampinfrog said...

Hi Sally! Got your email and NO WAY would I use one of the pics to scare away the animals!!!They would flock to my garden to admire the pic! The pics are fabulous, such a good looking family and Miss V is so sweet! Hope you had a super fantastic Mothers Day!!!
Big Hugs,

Shirley said...

Don't you dare say you aren't photogenic! Your whole family is just wonderful! It is amazing what the power of the soul can do for health! I pray he recovers soon.

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