Tuesday, January 25, 2011

How To Make A Handmade Vintage/Grunge Flower using Purchased Flowers

How To Make a Vintage/Grunge Flower Using Purchased flowers

Have you looked at those gorgeous vintage/grunge dimensional flowers and wanted to make them, but didn’t want to invest the money in several punches to get all the sizes you need? If you are like me and find that finances are just too strapped to do that and you have flowers that you have purchased in the past that are sitting in a box somewhere, here is your chance to use them to  create some lovely flowers.

For my flowers, I have used 7 layers, but you can use what you like…Just be sure to use different size flowers.  Don't be afraid to experiment.  There is no right or wrong.

What you will need…

7 flowers in various sizes, brad and water mister.

Step 1

Take each flower and squash it up into a little ball…Kind of like those spit wads they boys used to
throw in study hall.. Does that date me or do they still do that kind of thing?  LOL

Step 2
Open up each flower. Be careful as once you have squashed them the fibers are no longer as stiff.  At this point they look pitiful!  Don't dispair.  Wait for the results from this abuse.

Step 3
After you have opened each flower, starting with the smallest put the brad in the center and continue layering until you have all the layers… Be sure to stagger your petals.  You can stop here and have made a lovely vintage flower, however if you want to grunge it up a little then use the following steps.

 Step 4  To Grunge It UP
Take your spray bottle with water and spray each flower starting at the top with the smallest flower.  Again remember to be careful as these are paper and once they are wet they are fragile.  After spraying the first layer bring it toward the center. Continue with each layer until they are all done.

Step 5
It should look like this.  This will take at least overnight to dry depending on how wet you got them. 

Step 6
After it has dried, carefully open each layer starting at the base (largest flower). When you have finished all layers, it should look something like this.  I didn’t open the smallest layer in the center to have it look the bud part of the flower center.  I wish you could see them in real life.  They are beautiful.  At this point you can even spray them with Glimmer Mists or Smooch Spritz.

Now for the project I made using my handmade store-boughten flowers.

Sorry about the dark photos... My camera battery is going dead.

This week Top Tip Tuesday is all about flowers so I would like to enter this tip and box


Nikki Schmaltz said...

Wow Sally! These are amazing! I'm hoping I can use this idea with my flowers that got wet and ruined. This may salvage them. Your box is amazing too!

Ps. Thank you for the beautiful comment you left about me being a blessing to you. You are to me as well.

I've had a rough few weeks and even though I have so much to do in emails and letters, I haven't been able to do anything. This week was the first I have felt a little like me. I'm so glad I had time to pop in and see your beautiful work, by beautiful you.
Big hugs!

Donna said...

Your box and flowers are gorgeous Sally, I am definately going to try this out with my flowers, thank you so much for the tip. Donna x

Pinkllilac said...

Hi Sally Hope all is ok your end and life is getting much better for you,

Love your flowers and going to give this a try tomorrow, love the red one so rich and yummy.

Big Hugs Linda

Cindy said...

That. Is. Awesome! Now i have to find some appropriate flowers and try it. Thanks for the tutorial! Hugs, Cindy

stampinfrog said...

Sally your box is gorgeous and the flowers are exquisite!Thanks for the tutorial on how to make the flowers!
Hope you are doing OK and have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Everyone loves to receive flowers. Give loved ones the gift that will last forever and not wilt away in a matter of weeks.

Sarpreet said...

gorgeous - thanks for the tutorial

Leanne said...

OMGosh Sally, this box is absolutely stunning! I love your flower, and your tutorial is fantastic!

Leanne xx

purplestamper316 said...

Amazing! Just beautiful :) Howzabout we do some swapping? You could make me a couple of purple flowers, and I could send you some rubber ?????? Thanks for the nice comment you left on my blog too ><>

Sarpreet said...

absolutely gorgeous

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