Tuesday, September 21, 2010

No Card Today....Just A Comment And A Question

Lately I have been noticing that some challenge blogs are now limiting the number of  other challenges you can enter in order to be in their challenge. Last week one challenge blog stated you could only enter 5 challenges and today another challenge blog stated you could only enter 3 other challenges.   I for the life of me can't understand if your card fits 1 challenge or 100 challenges what does it matter?  It isn't that you are entering it 10 times in the same challenge.  When I make my cards.  I never have a specific challenge in mind.  As a matter of fact I don't even look at the challenges until after my card is finished so part of the challenge for me...what makes it fun for me....is to see how many challenges it fits into after my card is finished.  I don't expect to win and as a rule I don't win. (have almost -0- luck  LOL) I don't go back to the challenge blogs to even see if I have won... The only time I know that I have won is if someone emails me to let me know.  So could somone explain to me the reason behind the limits?  There can only be 1 winner and chances are if you enter 10 different challenges with same card....you are NOT going to win all 10 challenges, but if you do...then congratulations and could you send me a little of that luck?    Why take the fun from people who don't care whether they win or not? 

Sorry for the vent, but I am really curious to know the reason behind it?


Janette said...

I agree with you completely, there shouldn't be a cieling on this, and lets face it, the more a card or project is involved in, the more peeps get to see it and pop onto other blogs.....hope I made that clear......xx

jan farnworth said...

yeah i don't understand the limit either as long your card that your entering the challenge for fits the rules for each challenge your entering then why the limit. I always start out with a certain challege in mind then i try to combine as many as i can. Usually it a sketch, theme and a color one. Let me know when you know the answer :)

Lorraine A said...

I am behind you on this Sally :-) I feel the same !! I am on the DT of one challenge that has a limit of 5 ,, and I have argued against it. I think that we should all be allowed to enter as many challenges as our cards are eligible for and good luck to whoever wins :-) It isn't the winning but the taking part that counts :-) after all ,, in the majority of challenges the prizes are sponsored ,, so what difference does it make to anyone ?? none whatsoever :-)

Lols x x x

SuzanneK said...

Hi Sally I AGREE wholeheartedly with you, what difference does it make, none!! I have my own challenge blog Let's Ink It Up and you can enter as many challenges as you like, it really is none of my business how many challenges someone enters, all I ask is the entry conforms to the theme on my blog. Glad someone has said something about this. You go girl. Cheers Suzanne

Vee said...

I'm with you on this one Sally I don't understand it either. Like you I make my card first and then go and see if I'm lucky enough for it to fit any challenges.
Thanks for your get well wishes, I'm doing okay, it's amazing how you can get things done with one hand.
xx Vee


I agree with you totally. After all, when I make a card and list the challenges I am entering in - isn't that free advertising for their challenge blog? I do work to make sure my card fits their challenge and sometimes I have't read all their requirements (bad eyesight, but my DD keeps me on the straight and narrow in following rules!)

The challenges I really like to enter are the ones that say "Our first rule is to HAVE FUN!"
I work all day at a place with countless rules (School) and I need to break loose when I play in my craft room.
Thanks for speaking up for the rest of us that feel like you!

Kim. said...

Hi Sally I am with you and everyone else here on this matter so won't repeat again. The only thing I can add is that I have a friend who is on a DT that has made this rule and I asked her the reason and she said that it was because people are entering anything over 40 plus challenges with one card and are not following the theme or sketch set.
Her example was that one person had entered 47 challenges where 7 of those were sketch challenges all with very different sketches, 5 with very different colour themes and the others were various different themes. Now they challenged the entrant on how they made one card fit all those VERY different challenges and challenge entrants answer was that it was only her interpretation of them. From this they felt it was not fair on the other entrants that had gone out of the way to make sure their projects fitted.
Hope this helps.
Kim xXx

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