Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Craft Withdrawl Is The Worst! & An Update

Warning, warning, this is going to be a long post so grab a cup of coffee or cup of tea before you read.  You will probably switch to better reading material before you are halfway through this one... LOL  I probably would!

Seriously I can't believe how bad craft withdrawl can be...I haven't had time to craft in what seems ages..and I don't like it one bit. At the moment there doesn't seem to be anything I can do about it.  I do have a few things on the burner that I was working on before bedlum broke loose again in this household.  I hope to work on them little by little until they are done and posted.  Don't give up on me yet!  I'm still here... BTW.. Thanks to all of you who have been sending me private emails... They have certainly brightened up my days.  You will never know just how much.

I thought it was time that I do an update on what has been happening.  First of all most you knew that I was suffering from severe bouts of pain that was all consuming and could last for weeks at a time, with visits to the emergency room for mega injections of pain medications.  I finally  out I have a rare condition that has a name about a mile long.  Seriously I don't think you should have medical conditions if you can't pronounce them... or spell them..  LOL... That sure would cut down on a lot of illnesses in my life as I can't pronounce 2/3 of them.  Anyway it affects about 200,000 people...80% of the people don't have major problems with it...then there is the 20% who are debelitated by the pain... Guess what category that I fall into?  Yeah!  yep that's me... Since they know nothing much about it the treatment is limited and  basically consists of steroids and super pain meds.  Needless to say... after much steroid treatment I am tipping the scales at nearly 200lbs and I don't like it one bit.  Next I have been diagnosed with diabetes type 2... Now this is the real kicker.  The doctor sent me home with this diagnosis, but not a clue or a word on what I am supposed to be doing about it.  She told me to eat healthy.... Well to me that is eating once a day, which is what I am still doing.  I have no symptoms other than excessive thirst from time to time, but not that often... so I am just winging it.  Then my brother was in a serious accident.  Thankfully he is going to be ok... Just a long time healing, but God was so good to him and us and for that I am truly grateful.  Next our one and only child,  age 34, has a rare severe form of rhumatoid arthritis.  From time to time his hips will lock and he cannot move at all.  We usually end up taking him to the hospital and spending hours there.  When this happens not only do we take care of his daughter, but also him while his wife works, which means the upkeep of their home, yard and whatever else falls to us.  I am NOT complaining... I am just so thankful that God allows my hubby and I to be able to help.  When we are not double or triple dutying it somewhere else then it is time to work a little at our own home and my parents have been needing more help this summer than usual... There are days I feel that everyone wants a piece of me and I sometimes feel there isn't enough of me to go around... so I have had to let some things go and one of them for the moment is crafting. 

All in all God is so good to us and without Him I know things could be a whole lost worse.  He always lets me know He is still in control of our lives no matter what we are facing.  Even with knowing all this yes I still get down in the dumps because that is human nature, but in my heart I know He is always there for me... I am praying everyday for a cure for our son and for anyone else who suffers from RA.  It is heart wrenching to see someone you love in such severe pain knowing there is nothing you can do... Someday I pray that God will provide a cure as I know that HE can. 

Hey all is not doom and gloom.... my lovely Miss V keeps hubby and I in stitches laughing.  She is an absolute hoot and such a delight.  Even with me being so tired, she can always manage to make me smile and be thankful that she is our gift.  Also since May I have lost nearly 30lbs. Whoo Hoo... I think it is from helping to keep up 3 lawns and all those flower beds that have to be weeded.   Now if I could just lose another 50lbs....I'd have it made.  LOL... See something good is happening.  IF only my thinning hair would grow back in and not be white... life would be perfect.  LOL.. who am I trying to kid... says the lady who is going to be celebrating that big 60 later this year...   When you have time... stop in and say hey!  Keep in touch and I promise I will be back as soon as I possibly can... Think of all of you so often.



Pinkllilac said...

Hi Sally wow you have been going through it love and you have still listened to me rattle on, thank you.I hope and pray the pain get less for you and things at home get a bit easier.
I will email tommorow.
Hugs Linda

Vanessa (aka V, Nessa, oldschool) said...

wow girl...that's alot :(
my thoughts are with you

stampinfrog said...

Hi Sally! You know I am keeping you,your son and brother in my thoughts and prayers!I am missing your gorgeous cards but I want you to take of yourself!
Big Hugs,Connie

sillyp said...

Sally, I'm praying for you. I had just found your blog a few months ago. I have a friend that was in so much pain through out her body and the docs were close to diagnosing her with MS. She sound this doctor in Idaho. This was in March 2010, just last week she hiked up to see a waterfall in Yosemite!!!! It was something in her diet causing the pain. here is the info:
Her name is Stephanie Kennedy and her practice is called Provencia Digestive Health. It is in Meridian Idaho.

Leanne said...

Sally, my lovely friend. I hate thinking of you going through so much and wish there was something that I could do to help you.

Remember I am here whenever you need me.

Leanne xxx

Carmen said...

They sent you home without discussing the diabetes? That's disgusting. I'm pretty sure you should be eating more than once a day. Please, please do some research into it. My Mum had it and so does my OH's Mum. I'm not sure what type she is but she has the jabs and she has to eat at quite regimented times. I've been out with her when she's nearly had a hypo and had to get some sugar into her quick and when my Mum was in her final stages of Cancer she went into a kind of trance like state where she had gone into a diabetic hypo (in front of the doctor who left without picking up on it! Grrr!) Ended up with 3 of us trying to get her to eat mushed up biscuits and coke. I hope you don't take offence at my posting this but your diet is a HUGE factor in diabetes. Please, please get some advice or do some research on it.

I'm so sorry to read you've had such a rough time - I can sympathise with the craft withdrawel. Big, big hugs.

Nikki Schmaltz said...


I will be saying prayers for you and your family. Make sure you get some specifics on your D2. That Dr needs to give you better instructions. Nothing to fool with, ok?? I hope that life will allow you a bit of crafting time here and there. Family is way more important. Take care, my friend. I'll keep popping in.

bernietom47 said...

Sally I don't want to preach but I agree with Carmen. First of all you MUST get yourself a new doctor. Sorry but the one you have is a quack. How dare she take your health so lightly as to send you off with no instructions on how to care for yourself. You need to educate yourself and take care before things get worst. You should be testing your blood regularly and definitely eating better. My BIL has had diabetes for years and has never taken proper care of himself. As a result he has lost one eye and is nearly blind in the other. Now that it’s nearly to late he tests himself and gives himself shots of insulin several times a day. He has a host of other medical problems, all resulting from years of ignoring his health. All this makes me wonder if your other health issues are being address properly. Please, you must be an advocate for your own health. No one else can do it for you.
I am so sorry you and those you love are facing so many difficult challenges. I’m thankful you have your faith. The Lord will help you through it all. I am adding you and yours to my prayer list.
Hugs & Blessings

Jachelle said...

I just read your blog with mom sitting beside me & mom thinks at least you have the correct age for the white hair, she doesn't. LOL She is white and just turned 45 a week or so ago. Trust me, I had NOTHING to do with those white hairs though. It's definitely my brothers & sisters who caused them. (angelic smile) Mom is still sitting beside me, and I don't think she quite agrees, but...whatever. That's her opinion. LOL.

Anyways, I'm keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. Sending many hugs your way,

Cindy said...

Keeping you in my prayers, Sally. Hugs, C

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