Saturday, August 7, 2010

Anonymous Commenters

I have recently been bombarded with not very nice comments and spam from anonymous commenters.  I really don't want to enable word verification because with being on DT's I know what a pain this can be for the DT member to leave comments so I have disabled anonymous comments for the time being.  However you can sign in through google comments and leave a comment that way.  I am sorry for the inconvenience.  Hopefully Blogger will come up with a better way to deal with this problem. 
If you don't have a blog and would love to leave a comment, please feel free to send an email using the contact me link in my sidebar on the right. 

Thanks for understanding..


Sarpreet said...

i am sad to see people can be so mean. Unfortunately word verificatoin is the only thing that can stop spam

pinky said...

Sally these comments are usually found when the blog post is worded using something that will help them sell something etc. Just be careful what words you use. for example I used bingo cards on my post and was bombarded with bingo sites amother other things. Hope this helps.

Emily said...

People can be so mean.

Emily C

Sheng said...

I hope whoever these ppl are will stop it. It's so childish. I didn't think that in this day in age, this would be happening. Grow up people.

Craftyanny said...

it's so bad when we need to resort to this because of some childish idiots who should know better!!
Anne x

stampinfrog said...

Sally I am so sorry to hear you have gone through this!It happens to me every once in awhile. I wish people would grow up and let everyone enjoy their blogs without childish comments!
Hope you are having a great weekend!

bernietom47 said...

Aw sorry to hear you've had to go thru this. Sadly people enjoy making others unhappy.
Hope you've stopped it now.
Hugs & Blessings Bernie

Janette said...

I think it un-nerving when this sort of thing happens....sadly there will always be people who get a kick from this kind of behaviour...hope it is sorted now for you...take

Sam said...

Oh Sally what a pain - these people really need to spend their time on something more productive.

Keep well hon


Tasha said...

Sally i have had the same problem! I was really quiet last week because someone has been leaving me vile comments!

Ruth (Sabriel) said...

Sally I'm sorry you have had to deal with people who have no life!
I hope mean comments and spam stop now.

Keep your head up, all your 'true' friends love you and your blog! :))


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