Thursday, July 8, 2010

iCopic Lover has Washi Tape Candy up for grabs.

Here is a bit about another NEW product! Be sure to hurry on over to iCopic Lover and check it out. It ends July 16... Whether I win or not. I think I am going to have to give it a try.

We’d also like to introduce the newest addition to the iCopic catalog, Japanese Washi Tape, available Friday, July 2nd. When we first got our hands on washi tape, we were certain we’d have to share it with everyone. We wanted to stick washi tape on anything and everything, it became quite an obsession. Available in a selection of beautiful prints and a semi satin finish, washi tape is made of rice paper and extremely eco-friendly. Washi tape is used in crafts as a decorative border, for surface decoration, as a general adhesive and basically anything your creativity tells you it can be used on. Its closest counterpart would be masking tape; however, washi tape can be written on and leaves no residue when removed from a surface. We’re so excited to be offering washi tape and hope those who get their hands on some will enjoy it as much as we have so far. For our readers who have tried washi tape, leave a comment letting us know what you use your washi tape for and for our readers who are excited to try washi tape, let us know which print is your favorite. On July 16th one lucky winner will receive:

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