Sunday, May 30, 2010

Spotlight--Glitter, Glitter & More Glitter

May 24 -30, 2010
Be warned this is a long post, so grab a cup of coffee or tea and sit back and enjoy!
Are you like me and love anything that sparkles, but are afraid to wear it?
There are all different kinds of glitter, there is coarse, inexpensive, fine, ultra fine, semi-transparent and opaque. All of the glitters even the inexpensive ones can be made to look like a million bucks on your image if you use it in moderation. In my projects for this week's spotlight I have used all types of glitter. Semi-transparent glitter doesn't give full coverage so you can still see the image underneath the glitter. Opaque is full coverage so if you are using it on an image and want the lines to show be sure to not cover them with opaque glitter.

This week I have chosen to not spotlight any particular company or product brand. I thought I would do some fun stuff with glitter. Yeah, I know it's messy but sooo much fun.
At the end of this post I have posted what is up for grabs for some lucky winner this week, be sure to read all the way to the bottom of the post!

Picture of the supplies I have used in this spotlight
punches, glue pad, stamp, digi images, glitter, stencil, glue pen, lace, sticker paper, glitter and more glitter

In this image below I have stamped an image using a glue pad, glitter that I mixed (don't be afraid to experiment with mixing colors), doublesided tape and the glitter is a mixture of opaque and semi-transparent
The next image is done using a brass stencil, using opaque and semi transparent glitters and sticker paper. I peeled the backing from the sticker paper, placed the stencil on the paper, carefully glittered my image. When I finished I carefully removed my stencil and then glittered where the brass stencil was, using semi-transparent inference green, (clear with a greenish tint)

Next up is a digi image. I wish I had taken a before and after photo, but if I had you would be here all day... Just added glitter in specific areas to bring dimension. I didn't glitter the actual flame but did glitter the yellow glow, added a semi-transparent glitter to the edges of the candle,
added opaque red glitter to a few choice berries and some green opaque to give some shadow depth to the leaves. I used a glue pen for this project.
Next I used a glue pen to just glitter the edges of the flowers. Totally changes how they look.

Here I punched some butterflies out of sticker paper, covered them with both semi-transparent and opaque glitters. This is a really quick embellishment when you don't have the time to spend coloring images.

My last project is probably one of my very favorites. It is using lace to make a background using sticker paper. Peel off the protective covering on the sticker paper and adhere the lace.

Generously sprinkle glitter of your choice onto the lace and work it into the areas using your fingers (messy).. Dust off the excess glitter onto a paper so you can return it to the container.

Carefully remove lace and choose your next color.

Again generously sprinkle the glitter over image, but this time do not use your fingers just gently roll back and forth to cover the area completely.. Tap off excess glitter again on a sheet of paper so to put it back in the container.

This is what it looks like when both colors have been added.

Now you are ready to use it as a background or you can even punch flowers from it for embellishments. The possibilites are unlimited when using glitter.
To make an easy clean-up of your craft area use a swifter floor cloth. Cleans the glitter up without a problem.
Now for the FREEBIE
Bumper crop of glitter (16 pots of glitter)
6 sticker papers 4.25 x 5.50
2 pieces of lace
1 Quickie Glue Pen by Sakura (I forgot to photo it)
How do you qualify to win?
1. Just leave me a post telling me why you like to use glitter or why you don't like to use glitter. LOL
2. Post about my spotlight on your blog
Now how easy is that?
Everyone is welcome to enter. Anonymous entrants please leave your name and email, without those you will not be included. Same goes with those who do not have a blog.



Wow, I'm the first!

I'm a lady that has worn the same pair of earrings and necklace for the last 30 years...all my other costume jewels neatly stacked away in the black walnut jewelry chest my DH made. I don't do glitz on myself...but I love it on my cards! Ran out of pearl drops last month, I had withdrawl symptoms. I had severe pain in my gas pedal leg and couldn't get to St. Louis to buy any. Got there and I must have bought 15 packs. The more glitz and shine on my cards, the better. Being a past kindergartner teacher, I know that all art pieces are kicked up a notch with glitter! Thanks for listening!


What gorgeous makes again Sally. I do love your spotlights. they give so much inspiration. Am thrilled to have won your last candy. Off to email you now, hope im lucky again this time! hugs Linda x

paperpapier said...

I love using glitter because it is a easy and simple embellishment that can make your card looking rich and stunning. Posted the link in my blog here at
tx for the chance to win.
hugs, heaney

FarHai said...

Wow, fantastic! Thanks for a chance to win those yummies ;o).

The Paper Princess said...

Morning Sally,

Thanks for these great tips and the great tutorial on using glitter on our projects! When I first started crafting, I wasn't a huge fan of glitter because I perceived it to be messy and tacky. Over the years, my perception of glitter has changed. As products have improved, and my own limited knowledge of how to use it has grown, I have come to appreciate it more - and really am impressed with some of the products out there! I use glitter on my projects from time to time - I don't have much - I'd love the opportunity to experiment more, especially after seeing your ideas!

My fave of your projects was the lace by the way - I'd really love to try that out!

Thanks for another chance to win some fab goodies from you! Have a great week!


Joanie said...

WOWZERS!!!! That glittered lace is to die for...adding the 2nd glitter made it totally pop! I LOVE the hummingbird card...gorgeous! I love using gives that extra POP on a card or LO!!!!

I got the Copic markers....WOW, they are awesome! Thank you again!!!


Hi thanks for the spotlight x I love glitter, I am sure I was a magpie in a previous life because it really attracts me in the home, crafting, clothing and jewellery, I rarely wear much bling though, even though I adore it on others.

I love glitter so much, and I love the sakura glitter pen the most, I love mixing flock and glitter and flower soft and glitter too.

Thanks for the chance to win some glitter, as you can never have too much x I have put your candy on my sidebar and mentioned your spotlight in my post for today x

Take care Sally and thanks again x Leigh x

KarenB said...

Oops forgot to mention about what I do with glitter. I mostly scrap layouts so I try to avoid loose glitters. Usually I use a 'pre-mix' bottle. But I'm interested in what results I can achieve with a glue pen.

Sheng said...

You did such a fab job with the glitter. It gives me ideas on what I wanna do.

Thanks for sharing and a lovely chance at this yummy candy.

Julye said...

Love sparkle and must admit don't use it enough, I have to be in the mood to have glitter everywhere but thanks for the cleaning up tip, may well use more glittler once I've bought some.

hlcarroll said...

wow! ok, I admit it, I am totally in love with glitter, on anything and everything! And it makes me smile so much when I glance in the mirror and see that I have stray bits of glitter all over, proves I have been playing enough! The lace idea is brilliant, I had never thought to do that, thank you hun!! Thanks for the chance to win too! I don't have a blog but my email is Hannah xx

Nikki said...

I love Glitter I've used it more and more and love it for shakers it has alot of sparkles inside adding to the image :) It's so much fun to use and I love how it always ends up on my DH's Face lol
thanks for the lace tut that's sweet :)
I've linked you in my sidebar
thanks for the chance at winning all these sparkly goodness
hugs Nikki C

Nicole Brenna said...

I love love love glitter. I even like how when I use it gets on me and I shine all day. Great candy and I am going to blog about it right now at

Cathy said...

Oh Sally, I love all the glitter items you have done. I have tried several of the glitter things, Yes it is quite messy, but the results are awesome. I love glitter. I normally put it on the most of my cards.
Thanks for a chance to win...

Leanne said...

WOW Sally, these creations are fantastic!!!!

Right, be honest with you I absolutely LOVE glitter on projects as I am a complete 'blinging' kinda person. However, there is only one shop over here in Dubai that charge about $10 for a little pot!! As you can imagine, thats waaaaaay too much for me to spend on a little pot so I use the little one I have very scarcly. Will have to stock up when I go back to the UK in the summer!!

Great bit of spotlighting you have done - and I absolutely love the lace tutorial - fabulous!

Leanne xx

gocanucksgo said...

WOW, this is such an amazing to find me some lace! I LOVE glitter and use it on at least 75% of my cards. It adds such a nice touch and texture. If I feel my card is missing something, glitter is usually what I go with to finish it off. Thanks =)

cgl1539 said...

Leanne from Fluttabyz said you were doing a post about glitter and I had to check it out. The only time I wear it on myself is when I work with it on cards and scrapbook pages, then I wear it for days, lol. I love to use it but I dont as often as I would like because I just dont have that many ideas, so thanks for the projects you showed, I cant wait to try them out.

Haystack Creations said...

I love your glitter tips especially the lace. Totally pops, I myself have not used alot of glitter i will have to rethink that after seeing these ideas

Myrto said...

I did not use glitter dusts until recently, as I perceived it as a very messy component. However, after seen your tutorial, I definately am going to try the idea with the sticky paper.
I have bought the glue pad for ages but I have not used it yet. Time yo bring it out of the drawer!


Outi said...

Great ideas! I enjoyed reading about them.

Courtney said...

Your cards are AMAZING! Thanks for the tutorial. I will have to try looks fun and messy! Thank you so much for the chance to win!

Samanta/Sammy said...

Wow, fantastic!!!!!!
I love glitter!
I am going to blog about it right now at


Mary Anne / MA54K said...

I use Stickles for glitter. I also have mica glitter from MS. I have one container that has pale colors of glitter that does not show up well. When I needed to use it on a project, I did not have the right type. Well darn this is amazing.

jachelle said...

Is this like...for real?? Really really for real?? I'm in.....awe, shock and feeling quite faint at the sight of all that glorious shimmer and glitzy stuff. Like...woahh!! Be still my heart. Seriously heart, calm down...Breathing slow and steady now...regaining my composure for the rest of this comment. (LOL)
I love...GLITTER (obviously). I love anything that's shimmery and shiny and glitzy and anything like that! It's one of my scrapping weaknesses. It is rather difficult to find glitter at decent prices here in Manitoba, but I do LOVE my crystal snow!!!!! Which is glitter...clear glitter! Oh and I love glitter because its messy. Messier the better. :P

Thanks for the chance to win some awesome glitter Sally!! I've posted about this on my blog. :D

Lots of hugs & love

Debbi said...

Thanks for all that info! That was so helpful!!
I like to use glitter on some of my cards, and my favorite tip is this: sprinkle it on your project while holding it over a coffee filter. It makes clean-up a breeze!

Rufus said...

Thanks for reminding me! I've done the glitter and lace trick, but had forgotten about it. I'll have to find my lace (ha) and try it again.

scrapperali said...

Oh wow! What beautiful blog candy! Thanks for giving us the opportunity to win it!

Silvia P. said...

loved the isea of the lace. I'm going to try it. I love using glitter on everything. Love,love ,love it hate, hate, hate, to clean it up and having it all over my face, hair,clothes, floor. Thanks for the tip on how to clean it off my work space:)
Silvia P
cornerstone(dot)cs at cox(dot) net

Carmen said...

Oh Sally - that lace technique is just beautiful!

I don't use glitter at home because it is the one thing that my OH goes into a tizz about. I just have to look at glitter in a shop and I can see his heart start to hammer and the sweats begin... lol, he really hates it! I can just about get away with glitter glue mind you.

I'd love to enter the giveaway on behalf of a friend though whose hubby doesn't have the same predicament :P Thanks for the chance to win.

Domna said...

WOW! Beauty cards! And amazing idea how to use lace! Try to do ))
I like to do glitter embellishments, because it gives a special charm to card.
Thanks for the chance!

Lynne in NI said...

Thanks for the tutorials Sally! I'm a total glitter junkie and always find it really hard NOT to add some sparkle to a card!

Sandra said...

This glitter looks amazing! Just have to participate! Love how it looks and love to use it.
Hugs Sandra

Lynne in NI said...

(Oops, I thought I had already posted here but I don't see it)
Anyway, I'm a total glitter junkie and have to stop myself adding glitter to EVERYTHING! LOL!

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