Saturday, March 27, 2010

Check out the Handmade Princess Dress!

I don't have a card today, but thought I would share some time with my Miss V. With Easter coming I am always so undecided as to what I should get her for Easter. All the other grandmas get her an Easter Basket with a furry animal, but I alway try to be different. Well this year I didn't have a clue what to get her. I usually always buy her a partial wardrobe of summer clothing, which I have done, but I wanted something special for her... When she was here Friday a week ago, she asked me to set up her Princess Castle Tent. Then she asked me if she could change into a dress so she could play princess. Well that was it. I decided she needed a princess dress to play princess, so I gathered her up and off to Joanne Fabrics we went. She had a blast picking out her pattern and fabric. She knows her mind and chose exactly what she wanted. We came home and she played princess in her castle, minus a princess dress. Once her mom picked her up I dragged out the pattern and got busy. Halfway through the sewing process my sewing machine light went out and nobody was home... Dead! What's a Nonnie to do now... I can't disappoint my precious Miss V so I dragged out the thimble, needle and thread and got busy. (When I get my sewing machine from the repair shop I will reinforce my hand stitching). Anyway I had the dress finished enough yesterday that when she came she could play princess complete with princess dress.

Here are some pictures. A friend told me I should blur Miss V's face so I have done that in these pictures. I know it is the wise thing to do, but it certainly takes away from the fun of the pictures.
At this point, I had not hemmed the dress, so the underskirt is haning longer than the overskirt.

Every Princess needs a Castle

These guys are truly smitten by the Princess


stampinfrog said...

Sally the Princess Dress for Miss V is the perfect Easter gift!You have done a fantastic sewing job and Miss V picked out beautiful material!

jachelle said...

the dress is adorable!! I absolutely love it. Its no wonder Miss V loves it. *wink. I would too!!

Carmen said...

Oh what an amazing present and far more fun and use will be gotten out of that than a bit of chocolate or a cuddly toy I can tell :P

What a lucky girl!

paperscissors said...

awwww!!! how precious! your story painted a picture in my head of the little mice in cinderella stitching together the dress for the ball (i hope you are not offended)! what a brilliant idea... long after the easter baskets are emptied and the stuffed animals put on a shelf miss v. will have her fantasy dress! thank you for sharing and being responsible by blurring her face!

KarenB said...

What an adorable dress for a sweet girl!!

kaz_za's crafty corner said...

hi Sally
Miss V looks like she is well enjoyin her dress and castle... its brilliant...!!!

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