Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Ammended: Read the bottom, it gets better.....I got a call from corporate!


I have to get this off my chest! Have you ever tried to get Hobby Lobby to correct a situation with inferior product? The nearest one to me is an hour's drive away one way, so I don't go often, I guess you could say I really don't go at all, but happened to be in the area around Christmas so stopped in to see what they had. I found two stamps by Stampabilites, house mouse series, that I fell in love with. Spent the 20.00 to purchase them. I didn't ink them up until mid-jan and to my dismay one is so bubbled on the rubber it won't stamp clearly and the other has a cut in it apparently from the knife when they cut the box open and the image is lifted in one area. Two worthless stamps. Since I paid cash I didn't bother to keep the receipts (remind me to do that from now on). I have emailed corporate 3 times and never received a response, so today I thought I would call the store where I purchased my stamps and explain that I live so far away that with the weather and all I hate to try to drive 2 hr round trip.

(By the way, they know the stamps are theres because they have craftetc on them which is hobby lobby). Not like I could have gotten them at Pat Catans of JoAnns with that on them..

At first the "gentleman" (I am using that term loosly and will refrain from using his actual name) told me he could replace
items/refund my money if I had the receipt and it was within the 60 day return policy. I explained that I didn't have the recipt, he said he would extend the return time?. He then told me he would be happy to issue store credit for a sale price if I would bring the stamps in. Again I told him about the distance, and he told me that he has people that drive from all over to his store and he can't control the distances that people drive to purchase from them. (still can't figure that one out, Is he only wanting local customers)? I asked if I could mail the stamps to him so he could see that they have not been used and the damage to them. That was not acceptable to him. We chatted on for a few minutes and I told him that I was truly unhappy with Hobby Lobby's customer service and that what he suggested is not agreeable and if I should ever be near a hobby lobby again that I WILL NOT stop in for a visit or purchase (now I might if I have to go potty and that is the only available). No purchases though! I told him what I understood him to tell me, then he said it wasn't true, he didn't say that. So in other words, my product is not inferior, they will replace it if I send it to them, they don't have a 60 return policy, and I don't have to show up in person with a receipt. Because what I heard was just the opposite to all of the stated above information. How would I have possibly have known that, had he not just told me. Is he also saying I am stupid and I can't hear? I don't see Hobby Lobby and me having a relationship in the future and as far as I am concerned, they can stay south of Cleveland. I am so happy to know they are doing so well in this economy they can afford to aleinate even one customer. Kudos for you Hobby Lobby to not need customers.


Well corporate customer service just returned my call... They stated what the previous "gentleman" said but they also said that if you have a problem with a product they are not set up to take care of the situation EXCEPT IN STORE ONLY! So crafters beware, because if you live in a state that doesn't have a Hobby Lobby and vacation in a state that does have one, make a purchase and find it to be defective upon returning home, you will have to GO to the nearest state that has a Hobby Lobby store to make the return... They make NO provisions for any exceptions... So says Customer Service at Hobby Lobby Corporate. Of course now you understand I only talked with Customer Service as there is NO ONE, according to them higher that I could speak with. Well there may not be....however I have spoken on my blog and although I have lost money and they have lost a potential customer should they ever locate to this area, then we have both learned a lesson. Make sure your product works before you leave the store. I would suggest stamping with your stamps. Open a stamp and have at it, just to make sure it works.


Anonymous said...

Wow, that was cool of the guy to extend past the reurn policy to give you a store credit. I am sorry but I have worked at Wal-mart and Target and they would not take anything back via the mail. You always have to go back to the store. You have probably never worked retial.

Anonymous said...

Once again, You should be glad they offered you a store credit past the return policy period WITHOUT a receipt. The fact that you refused to post my last post shows me you YOU CANNOT TAKE THE HEAT WHEN YOU ARE WRONG!

Sally said...

If you are going to rebuttle my account of what happened be person enough to leave your name and email so I can assure you, that I have worked retail....I have no issue with Target or Wal-mart as they are companies who are a dime a dozen and on every street corner, but what about those stores that are NOT? How do they handle problems?

Sally said...

Sorry Charlie you are wrong. I have no problem posting your thoughts, however after this unless you leave a name or contact, I will not because you are the one who cannot apparently take the heat. You're wrong and you know you are... READ THE FACTS. I'M NOT TALKING LOCAL COMPANIES HERE! WONDER HOW YOU WOULD FEEL IF YOU WERE THE ONE LOSING MONEY. PROBABLY CRY LOUDER THAN ANYONE. LOL....

stampinfrog said...

Oh Sally I am so sad you have had to go thru this with Hobbylobby. Just a suggestion, try contacting House Mouse and see if they would be willing to correct this situation! Their web store is at Send them an email about the problem.They might be willing to correct the situation.

Sheng said...

Oh, wow. I feel for you Sally when retail have bad return services. I've been there and thank goodness I don't live near a hobby lobby.

You should try house mouse but I don't know if they would do anything either. They might play the blame game with Hobby Lobby.

I hope you the best at contacting them.

BTW, why leave a comment here when you can't show who you are???

xoxo hugz

thread-bare said...

Sally... we have the equivalent here.. Hobbycraft. There customer service is just as bad. I too work in retail in the UK & I have always been able to mail things back to a store. Name & Shame thats what I say.... & stick with the local craft stores that VALUE their customers xx Clare x

Cindy said...

Wow, Sally, I have to agree with you. I, too, have worked retail, and know from experience that excellent customer service retains customers and customer loyalty. Look at Nordstrom, for example. We don't have HL out here, so I can't say what their level of service would be. I do know Michael's and JoAnn's aren't great, but that's all we have.

BTW, too bad some people have to hide behind anonymity before blasting someone. No guts at all.


Big Mamma~ a.k.a. Mary S said...

Sally I also have had a problem with returns at HL. I am one of the few that have two within driving time of me. If something is "defective" and you go to return it, it HAS to be from the store you bought it from. Not the other one. They will only take their item back. I's all the same company.. Nope I guess not.. what a pain! I guess we get what we pay for.. Nordstrom will take anything back at anytime with or with out a receipt. No questions asked.

kaz_za's crafty corner said...

sorry you have had a load of hassel with this store... def once bitten twice... now way never go its a companys like that, that gives retain a bad name... as they say stick to what you know... once you find a good retailer.. never let them