Thursday, January 28, 2010

Just A Little Teaser About Spotling Products

It has truly been so hard for me to keep a secret! I am soooooo excited about spotlighting these fabulous products and companies....and as Feburary 1st gets closer it is harder and harder for me to contain my excitment! You are going to LOVE IT.... Some lucky people out there are going to win some FABULOUS prizes... I can't wait to make someone very happy with these crafting supplies!
Who are the companies? What are the products? Well..............
I shouldn't say, but I will toss out a name or two.... or will I?..........
No, I guess you will just have to wait another few days!
I can promise you, YOU won't want to miss this!
A different product/company every Monday for the month of February & March.... and beyond!


Cindy said...

You stinker! What a tease!!!

stampinfrog said...

Oh Sally you are a tease!Can Hardly Wait to what you will be spot lighting!!!

Mrs Bs Blog said...

Please,please,please, show us, you little tease. Hugs Val xxx

Jeanette said...

I'll be here and I'll be linking you in my blog. Can't wait.

Chrissy D said...

GIRL! You are torturing us! Can't wait to see what you have in store for us! (((HUGS)))

Sarpreet said...

absolutely beautiful

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