Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Early Christmas Gifts Shows We Don't Have To Struggle Alone

This is going to be one of those weepy posts from the heart. No cards or creations this time. I don't often use my blog to post the wonderful blessings that occur in my life and I really should. I know there are others out there who are struggling too and maybe they would be encouraged to hear that we all struggle but we don't have to struggle alone. Some of you may know that my DIL fell the first of Oct and broke her ankle in two, her heel and her tibia. She has been non-weight bearing since then and confined to a wheel chair. When I saw where she fell, I truly felt like getting on my knees and thanking God right on the spot for His mercy. You see she fell from the 1st step to the 4th step. God stopped her on the 4th step. He didn't let her fall down all 24 of them to the concrete floor below. (That was blessing #1) She has had surgery with pins, plates, screws and wires and whatever else they have needed to put in to make the bones grow back together and she will have surgery again on the 16th of Dec. We have no idea when she will be able to return to work, and not having that second income has placed a real financial burden on them. Hubby and I live on a fixed income and were so ill prepared for retirement it is pethetic, but somehow, God has blessed us to be able to help the kids, but that is not truly the wonderful part. Near the end of Oct their stove quit working and we were able to purchase a new one and with the sales they had we got a really good bargin, (Blessing #2). Then the week before Thanksgiving their furnace motor went out and it would cost 700.00 to have it fixed, the kids and we didn't have that kind of money, so hubby and I got them a couple room heaters and prayed the weather wouldn't turn horribly cold and prayerd God would help us provide what they needed. That was blessing # 3 the weather didn't turn horribly cold and a complete stranger to all of us donated a new motor to them and DIL's brother installed it for them. That was blessing #4&5. Next a Thanksgiving Dinner complete with all the trimmings was delivered to their door step along with a donation. Blessing #6. You may think I am nuts, but you have to understand things like this just don't happen in our family. It has to be the workings of God answering our prayers because thus far everything we have asked for, for our kids has been provided. My feet have truly not touched the ground since Thanksgiving. This morning just about the time I thought they were going to touch the ground a package was delivered to my house from out west (I live in Ohio) and it was filled with things for Miss V's Christmas and a gift for my kids. Blessing#7. Oh and how could I forget, DIL was given a wheel chair, a walker and a bath chair. Blessing #8 Now 8 blessings are not all that we have received, we have had decent health, enough to eat, a roof over our heads, money to cover our bills, I could go on forever. Although you may not believe these are blessings I truly do believe it with all my heart. I fall so short of giving God the Thanks and Praise He so richly deserves for everthing He provides us with. So today, at this moment in time I want to use my blog to say Thank you God for all the blessings you have bestowed upon my family and me. Thank You so much for the wonderful gifts You have given us and again truly shown us what the Christmas Season is all about. Thank You for Your loving mercy and please bless all of those who have unselfishly given to an prayed for my family. Please God Bless them and their familys with what they may need the most.
Now I don't know if I can use my blog to say these kinds of things, but I figure the worst thing that could happen is that my blog would be shut down. Others use it for far worse things than I have printed. I hope that this may bless you in some way, especially if you are struggling in your life right now. I hope you all in blogland won't judge me too harshly for writing my convictions, but this is truly from my heart.


mini me dolls said...

I truly felt like getting on my knees and thanking God right on the spot for His mercy. --> you are wonderful in being able to be grateful to our Lord despite what happened.

God bless your family this Christmas!

Cindy said...

Sally, this is so beautifully written, and speaks from your heart. God is truly Great, and I wouldn't want to live in a country where we are not free to sing His praises in a public forum. May your family continue to receive His blessings!

purplestamper316 said...

God is good! All the time :) You Go girl :) Merry Christmas <><

stampinfrog said...

I agree with you completely Sally and so glad you have had the blessings you have had and hope for many more to come!

sheffsue said...

I've only just got round to reading this. It really does show that our faith is not in vain.
Thank you for posting makes me thankful that there are so many things that could be worse.

Sue x

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