Friday, October 2, 2009

Update on new Doctor

Several of you have emailed me to find out how my appointment went with the new doctor. I thought after my rant of a couple weeks ago I would tell you that so far, I like her very well. She sat and listened to me talk to her and then she started her exam. She told me that I have Lupus, which I was not happy to hear, but at least now it has a name. Then Monday at 2AM I was awakened by the excruciating pain in my left side again. I went back to see her again. (They got me right in) and she said I have Celiac's Disease. It is confirmed by a simple blood test. Now you mean to tell me it has taken years for someone to come up this diagnosis after all the CAT Scans, MRI's. Ultra Sounds, colonoscopys and God only knows what else I have gone through. All it took was a simple blood test. She gave me meds for the pain and told me it would take awaile of watching my diet before I would start feeling better, but at least I now have something to work with. Learning to eat again is going to be a problem, but if it keeps this horrible pain away then I am willing to learn. Thanks for all you comments and emails.


Tracy said...

I'm glad you now know what it is, and hopefully you'll see some improvement soon.
Good luck with the new medication.
Happy crafting
Tracy x

Allison said...

so glad you know what it is now and with treatment you can start to feel better
Take care of yourself hun

Cindy said...

Even though it's a tough condition to live with, at least now you know WHAT it is, and can manage it through diet and medication. T.G. it's not cancer or something like that. Blessings, Cindy E.

Pablo (yo) said...

Great blog!
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Pablo from Argentina

thread-bare said...

Wow Sally I can't believe just by changing dr how simple the diagnosis was. My step-sister has Lupus & we nearly lost her the xmas before last before she was diagnosed. Hopefully now you can begin to get a bit of your old life back xx Clare x

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