Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Family, Family & More Family Plus Food

As you know this past week-end for all of us here in the US was Labor Day weekend, and what better way to spend the weekend than EATING, visiting with family and friends and catching up on all the latest family gossip. Believe me my family did just that. I think we had a marathon eating weekend. We started on Sunday with my Dad's reunion. It is always a biggie and so much food. The first picture isn't even half of the food that was there.
At my dad's reunion we always have a white elephant auction to help cover the cost of renting a hall to have the reunion in. My son is not so happily showing of his new purse.
From that one on Sunday we went to my hubby's family's on Monday for our annual cook-out. We didn't even let the rain drops keep us from eating.

My son and me.

After my hubby's family cook out we moved across the street from my MIL to my cousin's house for our annual weenie roast. Needless to say, by this time the rain was really coming down, but that didn't stop us. I took an umbrella and roasted hot dogs and marshmallows over the open fire for all those who were chicken to get wet. I looked like a drowned rat and I am so thankful no one took my picture. I cooked hot dogs for all the older family so they wouldn't get wet and chilled. We also had sno cones and smores! What a way to end the summer holidays. I don't think I need to eat again for a month. It is No wonder I can't lose weight.

My granddaughter and my cousin's granddaughter having fun with the fan! Oh to be children. Not a care in the world.


stampinfrog said...

It sounds like you had alot of fun this past holiday weekend. I love your son's new purse!

Cindy said...

Sally, will you adopt me? ;-) That food looks so yummy! Sounds like you had a wonderful time, and how thoughtful of you to cook for the older folks so they didn't get wet. Hugs,
Cindy E.

Nicola said...

Wonderful happy pictures Sally, tfs.
Nicola -x-

Elizabeth Sanders (lizzymayfairies) said...

it looks like you all haveing a good time the food looks rely lovely x liz

Anonymous said...

Oh Sally, it sounds like you ALL had an absolutely fantastic time..... even if you need to lose a few lbs afterwards lolol Great pics.


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