Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Knee Deep In Dirt

Long post so grab a cup of coffee or tea. LOL
We are still knee-deep in dirt from our yard and by the days end I am covered in dirt. I am finding that I am not a neat outdoor worker. I thought this project would be finished by now, but I am finding that I don't work as fast as I once did. I told hubby yesterday that if we ever do something like this again we are hiring it done. I guess you know we won't be doing this again. LOL I am hoping one more month and we will have all the stone set and the leveling done with grass planted. Here are some of the latest pictures of our mess.

Our Chimnea is cracked and we no longer use it so I put it in my flower garden with a Nome on a swing inside. LOL

We have both ends and the back side of this garden to lay retaining stones yet. I will be so happy when it is done. Each of these stones weighs over 20 lbs.

My Rhubarb garden. We set the retaining wall week before last.

Also yesterday was the day we had to turn in our lease vehicle. I hated to see it go, but was in hopes that we would not lease another one. I thought maybe we could try living with one vehicle and see how it went, but my husband had other ideas. All I can say is that is was nice not having a car payment even if it was only for 1 month. LOL We came home with this behemoth. It looks white, but is a color called suade white. We have yet to have the step bars put on it. They had to order them. It will help our parents to be able to get up into the thing. Plus my hubby told my sister when she comes home she can have it to drive while she is here. Since she is only 4ft 10 inches she will need something to help her get into it. I absolutely refuse to say that it will help me LOL.


Bubbles said...

Hi Sally, your garden is looking fab! I love the white fencing and the little chap hiding out in the chimnea!
Loving the new vehicle to, hope you enjoy it.
Joanne x

Anonymous said...

Oooo sally, i envy your garden! my lawn is about waist high, working nights i never have the time to do anything with it! scared of getting the lawn mower out may come across a few tigers!! haha

carly xxx

Vee said...

Wow!!! gorgeous car. Your garden looks fab. Love what you have done with the chimnea. You're doing a great job.
xx Vee

Lainocrafts said...

Sally - it looks absolutely stunning and I love the car too.

Hope you and yours are all well.

Lots of love


thread-bare said...

Sally the garden is looking awesome & what a lovely shiny car xx Clare x

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