Sunday, May 31, 2009

My Miss V

First of all sorry that I have not been on my blog much lately. I have been trying so hard to get some things done before my brother comes home this afternoon, but so far have not accomplished a whole lot due to rainy weather. I have however been working between rain drops on our back yard. It is coming along but very slowly. Will give you some updated pictures in a week or so. My brother will be home until Friday so I will not be spending much time on my blog until he leaves. I only get to see him once a year and I always look forward to his visit.

Now on to my Miss V. She was flower girl in a wedding yesterday and she was so beautiful. I only have this picture of her that was sent to me by my DIL. She will never know how much I appreciate this photo. It is a true treasure even if it isn't a good one.


Donna said...

Enjoy your time with your brother Sally, I'm sure your excited about seeing him. Love your adorable photo, they look so sweet. Donna x

Linda Crowder said...

Miss V, you are certainly one grown up young lady. What a beautiful dress and your escort is very handsome. You look like you are going to the prom...well, maybe in a few more years.

Bev said...

I think so many of us have been blogging awol lately - must be something in the air lol. I adore this pic of Miss V, what a little poppet she is xx

Leanne said...

OH Sally, she looks so cute! What a lovely picture to have.

Hope you are having a lovely time with your brother.


Lainocrafts said...

Sally - she looks absolutely gorgeous, never mind about the picture quality - she looks an angel.


thread-bare said...

Awww Miss V looks simply stunning Sally. A real treasured moment xx Clare x

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