Thursday, April 16, 2009

OK You Asked For Them All 6 Cards

I have had several of you email me to ask if I would take photos of the cards individually that go with the card holder that I made in a post below. As most of you know I hate taking photos of my work. Nothing, absolutely NOTHING I do makes them any better. I seriously am beginning to think I am Photo Challenged. Anyway I will do whatever I can to not take pictures so that is the reason I took them all together. But since you asked. they are. No apologies this time for the bad photos. LOL


Leanne said...

WOW Sally, these are absolutely gorgeous!!
Leanne :o)

Riet said...

what a beautiful cards Sally.

hugs Riet.x

thread-bare said...

Well I can't see any photo issues xx I love the chandelier stamp, very striking xx Clare x

Bev said...

Excuse me missus - you are NOT photochallenged, these look pretty darned good to me (the photo's AND the cards!!) x

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