Friday, April 24, 2009

No Creativity Today!

No creativity today, but that is not entirely true. My parents kept Miss V for me today so I helped hubby with some much needed yard work. I weeded the side flower bed, then those around the shed, from there all along the back of the house to the fence and then in front of the fence. After that I had to quit as it was way too hot for me. After hubby mowed the lawn we planted some hydrangeas and reworked some of the landscaping in front of the house. My butt is dragging this evening. All in all I felt like we got a lot accomplished. I have to get the weeding done before we have topsoil and mulch delivered and I want it done before my brother comes home at the end of May. I had to replace all my landscaping lighbulbs but one. This winter was really rough on them. LOL. I probably won't be able to move tomorrow. LOL... I'm not planning on doing a thing special anyway, but if you could see all the dust bunnies playing on my floor in the breezes from the open windows you would say I need to do at least run the dust mop! Hope you all had a wonderful day.

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Cindy E said...

Heehee! My back and hamstrings are sore from weeding here at our house, too. You have my sympathy! I'll bet your yard looks lovely. Hugs, Cindy

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