Friday, March 27, 2009

I'm Here....Not Still Out of Town

I have gotten some emails from some of you wondering if I am still out of town having a good time. The answer is no to both of those. I was out of town on Wednesday seeing an eye specialist. I was back home later in the evening. I have not been feeling well as of late and have been undergoing many tests and seeing several specialists. This will be ongoing for the next little while so I will not be posting as much. I am doing my best to keep up with reading all your blogs. Will be back to posting as soon as I can.


Craftyanny said...

Just dropping by to give you a hug hun
Hope your feeling a little better
Anne x

Pinklilac said...

Awe Sally heres sending you a big hug and hope you are feeling better very soon, we miss you in blogger land.
Hugs Hugs Hugs Linda

Marcea said...

hope you feel better soon hunny

stampinfrog said...

Sally don't worry about anyones blog. Just take care of yourself!Hope you get to feeling better soon!
Hugs, Connie

Lorraine A said...

Hi Sally, I am sorry you're not well. Just so you know I am a registered nurse and midwife, not that you will need any advice there for now ha ha . Also my husband is a consultant orthopaedic Dr, but knows alot of other stuff too. If you need to ask anything please e mail me and I will help as much as possible x x
sending big hugs
Lorraine x x

Cathy said...

Hi Sally,

So sorry to hear you aren't feeling well. You get better soon girl. I was in the town of your eye doctor last Wednesday also, it was 4:30 I think. And you know where I went, too. I wish we could have hooked up. Maybe the next time. Let me know when you are feeling better. Get well soon...