Tuesday, January 20, 2009

To All Of You

I had to have surgery on my wrist, thumb and finger today due to tendon damage, so if I don't post for awhile please understand it isn't because I don't want too. Also I will try to post comments to your blogs, but they will probably be very short. I think I am going to go through witdrawl. I got new stamps today from Sweet N Sassy. Thought I could stamp....WRONG!!! LOL
Until later.


Happy Crafter said...

Oh Sally hope you get on the mend very quickly must be driving you nuts not being able to stamp especially when you have new ones to play with :)
Hugzz Val xxx

a portland granny said...

I do hope your recuperation goes well. As you wrote the above, I'm sure the surgery site was still all numb! Ice packs will be your best friend for a couple of days!

Don't overwork the hand. It must be hard to have new stamps and not able to work with them, but they will wait.

Hope all goes well in the next days as your healing begins!

Susan said...

So sorry about your surgery. Hopefully it will help. Just surf and look. We'll all be here when youre healed and feeling better.

Sam said...

Owwww you just take care of yourself hon - and save all the crafting til you are feeling better.



stampinfrog said...

Sally DO NOT worry about commenting on any blogs! Just take care of yourself.I will miss not seeing any new,Beautiful,creations.

Take care of yourself Hopefully the withdrawls won't be toooo bad.
Connie (aka stampinfrog on scs)

n8tvtexan said...

I hope you recover quickly. It would drive me crazy to not be able to use my hand! Thanks for sharing the link for my blog candy.

Pinklilac said...

Hi Sally, you poor thing, ouch no crafting! you can just surf while you recuparate. Get well soon
hugs Linda

Marcea said...

Hi sweetie, hope you are ok after your op. Thinking of you and sending you great big hugs your way

Liza said...

Sally I hope you are on the mend quickly, very fustrating getting new stamps and not being able to play with them. Take care.

Liza x

kc_froglady said...

Oh My - sorry you had to have the surgery but I do hope it heals well and swiftly. I hope we can get to know one another and perhaps plan a time to meet when you are feeling better since we are so close! LOL

Nicola said...

I hope you are not in too much pain Sally.Rest your hand as much as possible and we will have you back soon sharing your beautiful creations.
Big Hugs. xxx

Rach said...

sending you wishes for a speedy recovery hun. hugs rahcxxx

Chris said...

Oh, I'm sorry to hear you had to have surgery Sally and I hope you're on the mend very soon with your tendon damage all sorted out. No stamping is awful but you can be thinking of beautiful cards to make when you're better! Hugs, Chris

Pinklilac said...

Hi Sally hope your feeling better.
I have tagged you and hope you can play along.
Hugs Linda

sawitten said...

I hope you are feeling better and that you get to stamp soon! = )

Julie Temple said...

Best Wishes going out to you for a speedy recovery! I can empathize...I had Hand Surgery last January...it is so hard NOT to create and Blog Hop!! I hope you are feeling better SOON and can do both pain free!

Healing Hugs,