Friday, January 2, 2009

Some Scrapbooking Pages

I can't believe it is January 2nd already! I seem to have missed January 1st, but I know it came as I cooked dinner for us and my parents. My dad's sister was doing very poorly yesterday so he and my mom spent the day at the hospital. While they were away I cooked the traditional New Years dinner for them, took it over, left it in the fridge so all they had to do was nuke it when they got home. (What did we do before microwaves). I am sorry to say that my Aunt only lived until this morning and the Lord then saw fit to take her home. She just celebrated her 95th birthday on Monday. It has been a trying week.

Now on to what I have been doing since the day after Christmas. Scrapbooking & scrapbooking & scrapbooking some more. To date I have scrapped 20 - 12 x 12 pages, & 26 - 8 x 8 pages. I even got Christmas 2007 finished. Whoo Hoo... These are not quite up to the standard that I normally would scrap with with a bum hand and trying to get all done before my surgery I am working FAST!...

Will list just a few.... don't want to bore you all to death!

As you can see I am the most horrible photographer (I use that word loosely). LOL. But as my son would say is is what it is and these are my memories. The pictures may not be much, but the memories will always be there. I have journaled in detail each event. The journaling is even on the backs of my layouts. I have a tendency to get a bit wordy. Have you noticed? Some of my favorite things to scrap about is my father and Miss V (his great granddaughter). Dad will be 84 on Monday and he acts like he is 60 or younger. He still gets down in the floor and gives her pony rides on his back. All she has to do is say Grandpa come play with me and nothing else is important to him but doing her bidding. LOL A little spoiled i would say... Both of them!


Marcea said...

Sally, firstly I just want to say how sorry I am to read your sad newa - my prayers and thoughts are with you and your family.
May I also say how wonderful your pages are hun. They have brought a smile to my face - what beautiful memories. Miss V looks delightful as always and your dad looks a lovely man. Happy New Year sweetie, I hope it is a better one for you and that your hand will soon be much better
Big hugs
your friend always

kaz_za's crafty corner said...

hi sally
you are the queen of scrapbooking...!!!! you always fill me full of insperation...!! thanks you ...!!!! and i love that you have made a sheet with miss V and her card...!!! you have brought a big smile to my face...!! thanks...
your a star...!!!

Chrissy D said...

WOW! You could never bore us! These are GORGEOUS pages! TFS!

A Stroke Above said...

What beautiful treasures. All of my photos were stolen and of all the things I lost, this was the true tragedy. What would someone else ever want with my memories? So this month, I am finding photos that are similar to instances in my own life and making a memory book just for me. I can't reproduce pictures that I actually had, but events, items, places, and other photos from friends and relatives will help me begin again. It will be fun! Linda Crowder

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