Sunday, January 18, 2009

Another Award-I Can't Believe It

I received this award from the lovely Bev at All The Things I Love/ . I am always honored to receive these lovely awards. This one is so elegant looking. Now I need to pass it on to five people. This is my choice. Marcea, Nicola, Cathy ,Iris, Donna


Nicola said...

Awe Sally, I am so honoured to receive this award from you. Thank you so much, I am all goose bumps now with excitement.

Cathy said...

Thank You so much, that is the nicest thing I have received on my blog. You are to kind. As you can see I am at a lost of words to say as to how excited I am receiving this award from you.
Thank You

Iris said...

I am really honored Sally! Thank you so much!!! So sweet to think of me! I'll post it later today on my blog!


Donna said...

Oh Sally I nearly missed this, sorry hun, thank you so much for thinking of me, I'm truely touched. Donna x

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