Monday, December 29, 2008

Will I Make It By January 20th?

I am going to be taking some much needed time to get caught up with things that I absolutely have to get done before I have surgery on my hand in January. The doctor says it will be 6 weeks before I will have full use of it, but I'm hoping it won't be that long. Don't know if I can go without crafting for that length of time. LOL. Since Christmas Day I have been busily trying to get my Christmas photos scrapped so I can get all my Christmas stash put away until next year. Also need to get an anniversary card made for hubby and 2 birthday cards, one for my dad and one for my brother. I can't figure out where the time has gone. So far I have scrapped 12 8x8 pages of my hubby's family of Christmas day and I have scrapped 7 12 x 12 pages of my family's Christmas Eve , 8 12 x 12 pages of miscellaneous through out the year. I still have my granddaughter's Christmas Play at church and her birthday to scrap. Hopefully I will get those done. I still haven't scrapped last years Christmas for my family. LOL and I have some digital scrapping to do for this years family reunions. Those are started but not complete. Do you think I will make it by January 20th?


a portland granny said...

You have been busy!! I find that scrapping is the most time consuming creative thing that I do! Sounds like you have some great additions to your books through all of your hard word!

Sorry you have to have hand surgery. I have had surgery on both of my hands (not at once) and it does take time to feel good again. The worst part for me was dressing myself. The kitchen chores were next...but it wasn't nearly as bad as I had anticipated.

I hope you get done all that you need to do before the date. Keep us posted!

Our snow is gone, which is a blessing. When I finally got my car out of the garage, I felt like a bird must feel when it escapes its cage!

Glad your Christmas went well. The little ones truly make it a joyous time. We learned of a new baby coming into our family, which I am going to post about in the next few days. It was a total shock and a marvelous surprise! I think that was the highlight of our Christmas Eve!

Keep crafting. I love your work!

Lainocrafts said...

Sally - you know you will get it all done. Your pages are awesome and Miss V is getting older in each photo.

She will soon be at her prom.

Lots of love


A Stroke Above said...

I bet you will have some wonderful help during your recovery. We will all be pulling for you to have a fast recovery period with no problems. My prayers are with you. You will hear from me shortly. Watch your mail! Linda Crowder

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