Sunday, December 21, 2008

Four More Sleeps

Today my granddaughter told me that Christmas would be here in 4 more sleeps. That is how since she was 2 years old has measured time. (She just turned 4). She will be an angel in the Christmas Pagent at Church this evening. Hummmmm.....

As I sat in church this morning and listened to the choir sing and as the congregation joined in on Silent Night I reflected on what it must have felt like to know that you were giving birth to the Savior of the world. I cannot imagine what must have been going through Mary's mind that night. I would have been thinking, I am sure, that surely for someone so great there must be a place other than a lowly manger for my child to lay his head. I probably would have been full of resentment for mankind in general. Mary showed us all about humility. I wonder if Mary really knew about the things that her son would have to endure? I thought about how much I whine and whimper when things happen to my son and yet they are nothing compaired to what Jesus would endure in the 33 years of His life here on Earth. I am not making a resolution for this year, but I am going to TRY everyday to be more thankful for what I have, because everything I have is due the the loving mercy of God.

I had written a few lines about how we tend to keep Jesus as a babe in the manger, but for the life of me I can't find what I wrote. If you could see my desk you would understand why I can't find it. LOL

The general idea is how at Christmas we tend to put Him in the manger, leave Him there until Easter and then forget that He has risen for the rest of year. I for one know, that He is no longer in the manger and no longer in the tomb, but sitting at the right hand of my Father making intercession for me. To me that is what Christmas is all about. So with this rather lengthy post I wish you and yours A Blessed Merry Christmas and All God's wonderful Blessings for the New Year!


Bev said...

Sally you have the most amazing way of putting things into perspective for me!!!!

I adore the photo of Miss V, she sure is a little blessing.

Hope you and yours have the most wonderful Christmas

hugs Bev x

Chrissy D said...

Ohhh how precious!!!! Your granddaughter is beautiful. I have a 4 yo too and she is always saying the sweetest things that make me smile. Thanks for sharing your testimony! Merry Christmas, Sally! Jesus LOVES YOU!

Collette said...

Absolutely PRECIOUS granddaughter!

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