Monday, November 24, 2008

Finally! An Update On My Hubby

I say finally, because I can't believe how slowly the doctors have moved on trying to help my husband since his TIA/stroke in August. He went for a sleep study in September, then to several different doctors. Finally last week he saw a doctor who the minute my hubby left the office must have started calling to get things rolling, because the minute he walked in the door the phone started ringing off the hook, with people setting up appointments for him. We found out my husband stops breathing over 200 times in one hour. I know he stopped breathing a lot, but not in my wildest dream did I ever think it was that much. There are four levels of severity in a sleep study and obviously my hubby falls in the worst category. These episodes can cause strokes, so not to be taken lightly. Also if the carotid sensors ever stop sending a message to the brain telling you to breathe then....well you can guess the outcome of that. This evening they delivered is C-pap machine. It came with live full instructions. The gentleman who delivered it was so nice and answered our every question and told us they were their to answer any questions 24/7! Not a recording but a real live person. I am so relieved to know that finally my husband may be getting the help he needs.

I am so thankful for this wonderful news and my prayer of Thanksgiving cannot be said enough.
God truly watches over us and protects us more than we ever imagine. Can you believe that over 200 times each hour every night that God has time to watch over my husband and keep him safe? Mind boggling isn't it? When I think about this I am so reminded of what a merciful God I serve.


thread-bare said...

Thats great Sally xx Have pm'd you hun xx

Penny Wessenauer (d0npen) said...

wonderful news Sally!! Very timely too....Happy Thanksgiving to you both.. blessings and plenty!
xxooxx Penny

Bev said...

That is wonderful news indeed Sally - the relief for you both must be immense.

Bev x

kaz_za's crafty corner said...

hi sally
glad things are gettin sorted out for you and your hubby....!!! i hope you had a good thanksgiving....!!!!

Anonymous said...

So glad that Mr J is sorted Sally. That must be such a relief for you.

Lots of love


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