Tuesday, August 19, 2008

No Time For Crafting Today

There has been no time for crafting today. It was my morning to spend with Miss V. Her Poppy came home at noon so we surprised her by taking her to the local county fair. When we finally told her where we were going, her little eyes just sparkled and she said, "Oh Non I am so cited"! Of course I was excited too, because she always has so much fun. Before we could leave she had to take time to put on her make up, comb her hair and brush her teeth. LOL Once she was sure she was gorgeous, we were on our way, with every other mile a little voice from the back seat saying, "how much longer before we are there?" After 30 minutes we finally arrived. First off we had to go through all the advert barns and stalls to get all the freebies they were handing out. Then it was off to the rides. We told Miss V she could ride 3 rides so she chose to ride the dragon roller coaster (for little kids). I was very proud of her. She bravely stood in line, walked in all by herself, climbed up into the car and gave a half smile/half scared look. She had never ridden this type of ride before. She was not too fond of it, but didn't cry. What a brave little one. She looked so alone in that car all by herself. Next she rode the bumper cars again for little kids and this time she was paired with another little girl. They became instant friends, just chatting away. To my dismay the final ride was the merry-go-round. Because of the height regulations an adult would have to ride with her and that would be me. I get very sick riding anything that goes round and round. Not to disappoint my little one, this time I bravely climbed upon the ride with a half smile and we were off, with Miss V shreeking in delight and me wishing I could get off. LOL It was over! Whew! We walked some more to take in the rest of the sights, such as the pig, cow, goat, sheep, draft horse, race horse, show horse and all the little animal barns. Was so glad when we were out of that smelly part! Miss V loved all of them and wanted to bring at least one of each home with her. We ran into acquaintences we had not seen in a long time, so caught up on years of news. Then it was time to eat all the greasy fair food. (to be honest that is the only reason I go. Once a year I indulge without guilt). After eating we walked more. Finally it was time to leave. On the way back home we decided to surprise Great Grandpa and Grandma, so we took them and elephant ear and a funnel cake. By the time we finally made it home Miss V's mom was here waiting for us and we had one very tired but extremely happy little girl and I have more pictures to scrap and journal about. Life can't get any better than that!


Sammi said...

Awww... that sounds lovely!! :)

Penny Wessenauer (d0npen) said...

sounds like a perfect day Sally! Delightful to read this little tale of a day in the life of a little girl... what a treasure! And so are you my dear, you constantly inspire me! Your blog ROCKS!! *smile*

xxooxx penny

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