Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I Am Blessed

I got up this morning feeling truly Blessed. Not that I am not Blessed all the time, but for some reason today just felt special. Maybe it is because I have a wonderful husband, son, DIL and granddaughter (Miss V). Or maybe it is because I still have my parents with me and they are in relatively good health, or it might be the closeness of my sibblings. Who knows, but whatever it is that made me feel this way this morning, I am greatful.

Later today I plan to add a few of my scrapbooking pages. Since I have named this Blog "Sallys Creative Corner, I thought I should add a few of the things I love doing and scrapbooking is definitely one of them. I was scrapbooking before it became popular. I started many years ago while researching my family history. I loved taking pictures, listening to stories from our family members, jotting them down and later journaling them. Sometimes after after seeing their stories in print my family wasn't real happy because of "family skeletons". I have always thought it was hilarious. It takes all those things to make us the family we are! Enough ramblings

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